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My First Trip !!!

Sorry, this is long.

Sorry, this is long. I would like to get most of the details down, because its was my first trip. This week, i planned on doing shrooms for the first time, with a friend who had done them before. It finally became Friday, and I still hadnt got some, because I didnt put a lot of effort in looking. Period 5 came. My friend said that he was too tired to come over, with made me quite mad. He screwed up our plans, and ditched me. After the bell rang, I went out to visit with some people feeling upset, because I didnt have anything to do that night, and my other friends didnt want to come over either. Then one of my friends came over, out of no where, and asked if i wanted to buy some marijuana. (I dont buy drugs alot, only pot every once in a while) I said sure, I was planning on doing shrooms, but I couldnt find any. He then said I have some of those too. I was really surprised. I ran across the street with him behind a building. I got some shrooms and pot for 25 bucks canadian. I felt kind of weird, because I had never bought shrooms, and paid that much. I walked down brodway, and came home. I sat down, and thought of what I could do tonight. I was still mad at those friends who ditched me, but I let it go. I got invited over to some guys house around 9:00 He was going to have a few people over. People started ariving. I didnt know most of them. There only ended up being about 8 people there. They bought some beer. I had a couple, and went out for a joint. My friend said, how about we eat some of those shrooms. I said, dont be crazy, im doing it a different night, and it's my first trip. Later that night, I thought about doing them. What is the worst that could happen, I thought. I didnt have a clue how much to take. I poured some into a glass of oj. One for me, and one for my friend. We drank up. I waited 1 half hour, he started laughing, and crawling on the ground. Nothing seemed to happen to me, so i was a little upset. I finally decided to just eat them all, so I did. The trip had began a while after. I realized my friend was just drunk and high from pot. He hadnt done enough shrooms. I was laying at the roof, when the straight lines of the wood, starting moving like snakes. It looked like electricity was going through it. Then the walls started to breath a little. I wandered downstairs. I was just a tiny bit drunk, nothing major. I sat down. The next thing I knew was I couldnt stop laughing, I was laughing so hard, I could feel tears, when i touched my face. Things started to get very weird. I started wondering around on an adventure for the rest of the night. I touched the wall once. And my hand looked like it was going through the wall. I was in the bathroom, I put my hand on the sink. The hair and a brush on the sink started to move at me. I was a little scared. Everyone started to look warped. Kind of like a stretchy peanut. I laughed the rest of the night. Voices were the most amazing part. As people talked, i would hear words, that would repeat themselfs, back and forth, back and forth. Words would go exremely low, then normal. An amazing feeling happened. Everything had seemed to stop at one point. The world stopped except for me. It was silent and time seemed to come to a stop. The voiced were really fighteningly like the simpson episode where Homer eats the chili, and goes on a trip. I was surprised to see things really happen like that. Things were laughing at me. And going gurgle gurgle gurgle. Voices would go slow, then go really fast and high pitched. It finally started to ware off. I went to bed, and woke up.

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