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My first trip

It was St.

It was St. Pattys day and I was having a little party since my parents where gone the whole weekend. I called almost 100 ppl because I first just wanted to get some sweet tooth. One of my good friends said screw that i got some shrooms.

I said alright and he brought over a little more than an ounce for every1. I took about 6 grams, my 2 other friends had blue dolphins, so one of them hippie flipped. The kid that brought them over decided that he wanted to take what was left 15 grams.

Somehow some random kid just showed up with some chronic and took 3 grams from the kid doin 15. After almost throwing up i started to feel good and saw a guys face melt. We put on Madagascar on my projector and just hung out. I saw the movie several time before and like 15 minutes before Alex gets tranquilized i shouted out candy man and everyone just looked at me really funny. I dont recall remember much other then being really jittery and all the colors being mixed up. Then near the end i kinda got scared because it wasnt wereing off and i kept looking at my cell phone at the time and it wasnt moving. I would see my friend start smoking a joint and then he would drop it and it would disappear

Then the kid who took so much started crying and freaking out and then some time later he put on his clothes and just walked out even though we told him to sit down. I live on a golf course so there are usually cops somewhere around. I thought he would just walk but he got into his car, ripped through my lawn, flew over a hill, hit a fire hydrant and drove into my neighbors house.

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