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My first trip

This was my first time shrooming.

This was my first time shrooming. I had heard alot about them and what to expect, this made me want to do it even more. Me and three friends sat down and ate the shrooms on our pizza, we all ate about 3-4 grams. About 40 minutes later we were sittin on the back porch of my friends house and i noticed the sky was turning a bright purple and the tree branches were curling up and then un curling coming right toward me. by then we decided to go inside and listen to some good ol sublime and just daze out.I remembermy favorite thing to watch was the dots on the cieling turned into liquid and moved all around as if the wind was blowing them in all directions. Unfortunately im only 16 and have a 1am cerfew so when the time came, i went home by this time i was laying in my bed watching tv, i was starting to come down off my trip and i was getting kind of scared and restless, me and the guy on tv seemed to be having a conversation, and i kept hearing something move all around my room, which ended up being my cat. I teetered on the edge of sleep for about 3 hours before i finally went to bed

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