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my first trip

it all started about a few days before my parties i have at my house everyweekend.

it all started about a few days before my parties i have at my house everyweekend. i would research shrooms and lsd to know what to expect. i finally got money and got a hold of fresh picked shrooms from upper new jersey. the kids with the shrooms showed up at around 10:30 i bought the shrooms put them in my closet until later when the right time came. 3 of my friends went off to go get orange juice because for some reason he beleives that drinking orange juice and eating the shrooms increases your trip. i smoked about a gram of some decent pot and i began to munch on them. my three friends ate there mushrooms about an hour before me so i got a late start. after eating them i smoked some more hookha and alot more pot and some cocaine. i was sitting on the floor smoking more hookha when i started to feel weird. i felt really good probobly the feeli ng i have never had in my life i began to start enjoying myself alot. after about 10 more min it seemed like everything was in high speed, it seemed like everything was moving to fast for me to handle. so io smoked another bowl and just chilled out again. i sat on the floor and started to stare at my brown and black flanel jacket, the hallucinations were starting. the black checkers were chaneging color so much that i could not remember what it was supposed to be. i started to look around the room at peoples faces and they were bubbling and morphing. i thought this was the coolest thing ever. i decided that i would hand the party hosting deeds to my good friend james for the rest of the night because i wanted to walk around my house, io didnt get far. i got to the extra room we call the "yellow room" i turned the light on and sat in a chair and got really distracted. i looked at this painting of people camping with a fire next to a tree near a river in the moon lite, this is wear it got really cool for me. all of the sudden the painting came to life the river was moving the sun was setting and the fire was really going, i began to look at the tree and the tree began to grow and go through its leaf cycle, i saw the leaves slowly sprout grow change color and dry out then finally dry and fall off. at this point i was abosolutly amazed that a substance can do this, then i stared at the light on the ceiling and the whole light fixture it self began to spin slowly and morph at the same time. i went downstairs in my kitchen to smoke more pot and i was lost in my own mind. then me and my other friends dave james tony and chris who were also tripping at the time decided to join me in the yellow room and listen to some cool music. so we went in there put on pink floyd"s "meddle" and turned off the lights, as the songs began i jumped in the bed ready for the ride. i looked at the window and thw window was climbing up the wall it seemed like the room was a separate part of my house and we were in a rocket ship to the goddamn moon. for 10 min wich felt like 6 hours to us we literally felt and agreed that we were flying, my sense of gravity was gone, i felt like i was falling the whole time and it wasd great to enhance our trip and to smoke even more pot we turned on a red tinted light i looked at a cloths dresser across the room and it appeared to be leaning against the wall upside down, the this really cool sound came on and the room appeared to be vibrating after the music was over i was just sitting there and my arm was hanging off the bed then my arm seemed to be bent with the bed meaning it was hanging staright off the bed then bent down facing the floor. i hallucinated for about another 2 hours wich felt like days, but it was absolutly possitivly awsome, i cannot wait to do it again it could possibly be the best experiance in my life, i would advise everyone to try them at least once eccept for this girl named courtney b. shes crazy and weird and would b guaenteed to go on a bad trip

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