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My First Trip

A couple of months ago i tried mushrooms for the first time.

A couple of months ago i tried mushrooms for the first time. Before this I had never even smoked weed, hallucinating was just something i had always been interested in. A friend of mine picked up about an ounce of mushrooms and me and a couple friends ate an eighth each around 11 pm one night. Nothing happened for about 45 mins, but then i snapped my fingers and sparks came out. At this point it was just a cool body high. A couple other friends of mine (who are very experienced drug users) came over then and also had an eighth. The night fluctuated between a very cool and sort of scary experience. We went and layed in a park across the street from my house. I found a dandeliaon and just watched it forever, i thought it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. some how we got the idea that there were cops on the otherside of the park. To this day we are still not sure if there were, but some of us got out of there. Even though we were only a block of two from my house it must have taken us forever to find or way home. When we got back, we put on some pink floyd and zoned out, stared at some tapestries, looked at pictures etc. I was having a super good time and definiteley thought mushrooms were great.

A little later one of my friends (who had been tripping with us earlier) came into my house with A HOMELESS GUY! They were just chillin on my couch and i was in my room not really knowing what to do. Eventually, we got him out of there, but i wasn't in that good of a state. I just went into my room, listened to some music and told myself, nothing was wrong, you're just making a big deal out of everything. Eventually I calmed down.

Around five, we were starting to come down, so we decided to walk up to the mountains and watch the sun rise. The walk felt like hours, but it was only about 30 minutes. The sun rise was AMAZING and walking home I saw more colors than I ever imagined. Coming down may have been the most amazing hour of my life, everything wwas beautiful.

Overall i really liked the trip, and as long as i realise i am on drugs and my brain will make a big deal out of things, i can control it and enjoy it. I couldn't wait to trip again.

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