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My First Trip

Since I am writing about my first trip, I'm not quite sure which category to put it into.

Since I am writing about my first trip, I'm not quite sure which category to put it into. I'd say it's probably about a level 2 or 3.

My first trip happenned two nights prior to this writing. It was a Sunday night and I had taken shrooms (about 2 grams) on Saturday with no effect. So on Sunday, at about 11:15 pm me and two friends ate some with orange juice. I'd say I probably had about 3-3.5 grams with some orange juice.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, my two friends said they were starting to feel the trip come on. I was feeling nothing, and was worried that I would have the same experience as the night before. We walked a while longer and about 45 minutes later, one of my friends went home, inexplicably (I would later find out that he just wanted to be alone).

So the two of us remaining walked the streets. I could feel the trip building very slightly, but about an hour and a half after taking them, I was still feeling discouraged about my chances of tripping. So I suggested that I role a joint to intensify what I was feeling.

However, by the time we got back to my room, my trip had set in. Obviously, as much as I try to describe it, I won't even come close, but I'll try anyway.

It was one of the most mind-blowing, beautiful experiences of my life. The world had an amazing clarity and depth to it. The light in my room which is normally dim lit the entire place comfortably. I was enjoying this early part of the trip incredibly. My mind was perfectly clear, and I felt as if no evil in the world could ever harm me. I felt as innocent as a child. As it was the first time for both of us, we laughed uncontrolably. I drew a picture while listening to the song "Third Eye" by Tool.

I played the Tool video Parabola for my friend who had never seen it before. Anyone who has seen it knows how powerful it is. When the last scene was completed, he looked at me with tears running down his face. My eyes were also watering. The images on the screen were just so beautiful.

After this, we decided to go for another walk outside. As we walked I began to notice that everywhere I looked I would see faces: in the patterns of wetness on the sidewalk, in the concrete on the side of buildings, in the stones of the walkway, everywhere. (My friend saw ancient writing everywhere he looked.)

I also began to notice religious symbols. Up high on the side of a building was what looked to be the outline of the crucifix. When I went to my friends room, I noticed that some former occupant had scratched "Christ help us" into his desk, and that the photograph hanging on his wall was taken by a photographer whose middle name was Christian.

I realized that these images (the faces, Christ) had nothing to do with religion, but synchronicity.

We went down to the beach and sat there for an unknown amount of time talking. We made realizations about the way life should be lived: the pursuit of knowledge, and love. We decided that material posessions meant nothing. I realized that life is infinite, that death is not the end, but the next step--not to heaven, but to the next level of conciousness in an infinite series of levels. That if we are to evolve as a species we must give up our characteristics of greed and selfishness, or else we are doomed to extinction.

As the trip ended, I began to feel a certain sort of sadness for the human race and the condition that it is in. I tried to go to sleep, but had tremendous difficulty doing so.

I've no doubt left tons out of my report, but I feel I covered the most important parts. Again, I haven't even come close to describing the sheer euphoria of it all. It was one of the happiest, most eye-opening nights of my life.

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