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Band practice!

me and my friend picked about 1 sandwich bag full of cubensis.

me and my friend picked about 1 sandwich bag full of cubensis. We went to a local park (where nobody goes) and sat down at a bench. We then proceded to half the bag while chasing each mouthful of fresh, wet shrooms with a gulp of brisk iced tea. After all the gagging and funny faces, we journeyed off to mcdonalds. We ordered our food and sat down to eat. Half way through, my friend started tripping. after we ate, we went to marching band practice......i started tripping about when we pulled into the school. (by the way, this was my first trip) we went into the bandroom and sat down for the officer meeting. the director had a cool yellow outline on him that for some reason was hilarious to me! I couldn't stop laughing. the next thing i know, we were on the football field rehersing out show. the director had us standing at attention for about ten minutes. i just stood there staring at the sunset ahead of me. it was the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever seen. then, i thought for a minute that i was naked! i told myself, "i forgot to put pants on! Shit! i'm gonna get in trouble!" then i looked down to find that i was still clothed.

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