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my first time shrooming

here is a report i made of my first shroom trip ok to start off 2 things 1.

here is a report i made of my first shroom trip

ok to start off 2 things
1.i dont remember everything i remember bits and pieces and i dont remember the order so sorry if some of it doesnt make since.
2.i was suprised, the come up was about 45-55 minutes and the peak was a good hard 2 hours, but then the come down was 5 minutes, it wasnt a hard come down i was just suprised one minute i was trying to eat my cell phone the next minute i was standing int he middle of my room like wtf am i doing. so anyways onto the trip

ok i ingested the shrooms by eating a pb. sanwich. they took approximately 50 minutes to really kick in, the first effects i noticed was the carpet was starting to breath. at about 1hour into the trip i looked at the clouds outside the window, the kept making shapes and faces, they where all funny and reminded me of my childhood, the peak came on like a freight train, it hit me hard and fast i wasnt expecting it. i just remember laughing uncontrollably at everything. everything had a g reen tint like i was looking through green glasses. i decided i need some cigarettes so i sumbled outside onto my front porch in my underwear.(at the time i was convinced pants where evil). i sat on my front porch, it seemed to get bigger and bigger and i felt like the step was an island and i had to get off but decided to smoke my cigarette for now. the cars that went by left traces and they zoomed by and seemed to go in slow motion, also wen i stared at the sky it was like one of those domes wher eu go in and the whole ceilign is fileld with liek stars an dplanets and stuff, and the sky kept spinning in circles, the clouds kept smiling at me as did the trees i tried to go hug my tree but fell down my steps instead. i got very mad because i had left my cigarettes on the island and didnt know how to get them back *in reality i believe i only fell down one stair and the cigarettes where right behind me* i then managed to ge back up to the steps cause i believed that my neighbors where evil cokroaches and they would attack me.(the next part of my peak is hard to remember as my memory was completely gone and these r small fragments i can remember). i remember i went inside and turned on some music by "infected mushroom" the music didnt sound better i actually forgot it was playing most of the time. i remember my sitter's started to call me and i let them know i was alrite by huge segmenst of wat seemed like endless laughing and the occassional IM ON MAGIC MUSHROOMSS!! chant. next thing i remember i am curled up on my couch and i feel as if im getting smaller and smaller and im sinking into the couch. after this i remember i started to eat my cell phone (or atleast tried to) after this did not suceed i remember standing in ym kitchen and peeing on the counter. i remember staring at the pee like it was some sort of magical thing and i just started laughing at how i peed on the counter and went back to the couch. next thing i know i have broken 5-10 cd cases and am trying to eat teh cd's and there is broken pieces of plastic everywhere. i started to cut myself with the pieces and thought it was funny (the cuts where not severe as i was trying to cut myself with plastic) i then try to eat my cigarettes and i start to rip them up and throw them around the room.. next thing i know i start yelling out in pain and fear i remember saying "get away, go away" "i dont want you here" and remember no1 esle was with me during the trip besides my cat, she by the way scared me and i refused to look at her more. I then remember thinking about how people said they would see the devil on shrooms and god etc, all of a sudden everything went red like i was wearing red sunglasses and the hair on my legs started to grow and my feet got huge with big pointy toes and logn nails like a demon, this instantly scared me shitless so i closed my eyes and started thinking about other things, this is the last of my peak that i can remember, there is much more that happened i am sure but i cannot remember. i eventually came to all of a sudden and sat up and said, wow wtf amd i doing. the after math was very messy. there was cigarette buds on the carpet, ground up into the couch was pieces of plastic, spit and ripped up cigarettes, and not to mention the puddles of piss in the kitchen. after i cleaned this up i started to ponder at i just experienced, through out the trip i came to aghreemenst with myself about family issues which i rather not go into and other personal voids. all in all the whole trip lasted about 2 1/2-3 hours. i wouldnt say it was a bad trip but i would say it was a mind expanding trip and i have to admit ive never been that happy in my life

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