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my first time ever! 4th of july.

okay so mushrooms are something that ive wanted to do for a very long time.

okay so mushrooms are something that ive wanted to do for a very long time. ever since the DARE officers came and told us in elemenatary school the effects and what not, i was like, thats awesome! so on the 4th of july, i found out my friend bought about 12 grams and he offered me some! i decided to just do it because when's the next chance i could?

so we split the 12 between 4 of us and went to my friend's house who was having a few people over. they were all drinking and about 20 minutes later i began to trip. i started to feel very paranoid at first because my dad kept calling and i knew i had to talk to him eventually but for some reason it was making me nervous. my boyfriend and i (who was also tripping) decided to take a walk to try to calm down.

these people across the street have a fake dog statue in their yard and it's legs began to move. my boyfriend didnt see it but i did. it began to wiggle back and forth, it seemed like he was looking into my mind or something. i turned around and we ended up laying on the driveway facedown cause its what felt good at the time.

i felt like i was sinking into the ground and i couldnt get up. thats when a few of my drunk friends came out and saw us laying on the ground and laughed their asses off at us. it pissed me off for some reason and i got this "fuck the world!" attitude. i became so angry, i was in a rage, but then a firefly made me start cracking up and it was cool again.

you know those box things you can buy so that you can roll your garden hose up and store it in there? well this guy had one at his house and for some reason i thought it was one of those honeybee keeper things (i have a phobia of bees) i began to cry and i heard buzzing from every direction! i was freaking out. this was at the peak of my trip. the ground turned different, crazy colors, i saw things when i closed my eyes, the house was shrinking. i could feel the music from the backyard in my knees and i felt bees crawling on me. this was too much so we decided to go inside.

my boyfriend grabbed my friends guitar and started to play some tool (which is my favorite band in the world) he played lateralus all the way through and i got on paint and, im not gonna lie, i made this like masterpiece! haha my body and hand would move to the song that i felt. the rest of the night was awesome. i began coming down a little bit later and felt like i was king of the world.

when i would hug my boyfriend i felt like we were one. i felt like i was melting into him. i loved it. my stomach began to kill me though... but the though of food made me want to be sick so i forced myself to eat some dry cereal, knowing that the only thing id eaten all day was a donut and the shrooms. it helped a little. i ended up falling asleep a few hours later. everything else that night was a blur but it was enjoyable. if i did them again it would be with a few other people that were tripping, not a bunch of drunk, annoying girls.

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