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My First REAL trip

I had done mushrooms before this time, but never really got anything off of them.

I had done mushrooms before this time, but never really got anything off of them..this time was certainly different...there were five of us..Myself, My Girl, My buddy Drew and my girls bro, Ed...we picked up one gram for each of us(thats all we need of these shrooms believe me) and we chewed em up. While chewing Drew was trying to gross us out by showing us his chewed up gob and it fell out of his mouth onto the floor...but he just picked it up and kept chewing. so we waited and waited and it started to kick in..it felt quite a bit like a weed buzz and we knew we were tripping...we THOUGHT we were peaking (WAY off) we were sitting in Ed's room, which is the basement of his house just talking... Ed and Drew said that they were having some pretty cool visuals so I grabbed a cain that was laying around and started to stir the floor, then it hit me...I was REALLY stirring the floor..it looked AMAZING!! I did this for about 5 minutes(felt like an hour) then we started to trip harder and the room just felt WAY too small...we had to get outside...so we were off...Ed lived downtown at the time and in a prety bad area..so that made things extra interesting..we decidd to go to the woods which were about a ten miute walk from where we were...to get there we had to go through a tunnell that was painted by kids with words like Wisdom, Love, Hope this kind of stuff...it reminded us all of the movie candyman, pretty scarey. there were some peopel on top of a hill and I yelled HEY LOOK THERES PEOPLE UP THERE SMOKIN DOPE!!! everyone told me to shutup so I did...one of them started to follow us with a very detirmined look on his faceas if he was gonna beat us all (good thing I'da killed him if he tried, we're all pretty big guys) but he was just going into the bar we were walking past..thank god..just abuot turned my trip bad. I think it DID turn Drew's trip bad...but he was still Semi-calm. we walked for about 5 more minutes talking and laughing quietly..it felt like we were in a video game..we got to the woods and started in...and there weer MILLIONS of snails...they were covering the ground..we couldn't walk without crunching at least 5 each step (no exageration) this is where Drew really freaked out...but he kept walking with us none the less...My Girl was having a great time running around, she looked like a little hippie. but it was really dark and spoky in there I just HAD to get out cuz I was startin to lose it...I kept invisioing myself freaking so bad that I'd have to be carrid outa there, and i didn't want that to happen...so I said we hafta leave....my girl didn't wanna but Drew and I were glad when we started to leave...when we got back to the city streets I felt alot better..but it was cold so we went home. there we sat enjoying the visuals and inventing solutions to the world's problems until early morning..it was a GREAT first trip and it made mushrooms one of my favorite passtimes...I've done them many times since..you might even read another of my trip reports.like I was so sick. Hope you liked this one..and if you're thinking about trying shrooms...Try it/...you'll love it...just make sure you have some experienced trippers with ya

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