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My First Paradise


Hi! I'm yorak.

One week ago, me and my friend Jockstrap (his ninckname), had decided to share 1g of dry Cyanesens. We had never taken shrooms before.

-So at 17.00 (I'm Swedish) we munched them down with some orangejuice, not too bad. We had been fasting the whole day and we felt quite excited. After mabey 15 minutes I start to sweat but I'm cold at the same time, hmm, strange, I thought. Well, we were walking around feeling as on 2cb. I like this I thought. BUT,we had NO idea what was going to happen later. Hehe.

Wait.... I'm going out for a cigarette

.......(puff puff, cough cough)......

Ok, I'm back (I'm gonna quit that shit - yeah right). I was sitting with my friend talking about some philosophical stuff, when I said to him, -"You have told me these things before", -"No way, he said", -"yes I'm sure you have". Then i realized that the time had no meaning, cool I thought! Whatewer!
I went to see some tv; some stupid show where people winns money and stuff. But the program looked like a slideshow or so, peoples faces turned wierd. I felt soo good, my boyfriend Lillen (who wasn't tripping) by my side , just laying on my couch.

Jockstrap lay down on the floor, -Wow, look at the ceeling, he cried! I did and WOW, patterns allover, so many cool patterns! We lay there for 10min amazed by the patterns changing shapes and colors in the most beautiful way.

Then I closed my eyes and there were patterns and colors there too, multidimentional. Arter a while (1hour (15min)) I opened my eyes and was surprised to see the celing again, I'd thought I'd been standing up leaned against the wall, but NOOOOO. After that I guess we both peaked. We were tripping around in my flat, discovering things, laughing our asses off, playing music and a really freaky Playstation game (Kula World), try that game when on shrooms, I tell you ,it was freaky, but soo cool!

Then we decided to go to the gas-station to buy some candy, we must have looked funny, but all went well. (exept that Jockstrap was trying to keep himself from laughing all the time). Then we tripped home in the beatiful skylit knight.

When we got home we at all the candy (a lot) . -Ooops, not a good idéa, I read later that sweet things make you come down. So we came down a little, but still felt okej. For the next time 1g each and out in the woods.

PS This friend of mine, Jockstrap, is a really good tripping partner. If he hadn't been there I might have had Tripped all night about that time-thing.

It was a n evening in Paradise!
take it easy

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