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My First Couple of Trips on Philosophers Stones (Mushrooms)

My friends and i had been discussing and planning our long awaited first trip on mushrooms.

My friends and i had been discussing and planning our long awaited first trip on mushrooms. We had decided to take them during the day, we freaked that maybe at night we might see dark shit an get really paranoid.We had food, music, everything.

We bought the mushrooms and came back to mine. We took them with two friends who were remaining sober, more as observers than anything else. They tasted awful. A bit like a mix between conkers and wood. To be honest they didnt really have a taste, it was more the texture than anything else. We all had a metallic tingling feeling in our mouths. We constantly discussed how we felt.

Eventually, my two friends started to see stuff, dont know what, but they couldnt stop laughing. They were totally on the same level, of complete uncontrollable laughter. I sat there quiet, observing life, as though i had seen it all for the first time. I couldnt stop crying, and it was like i was leaking from every orriface constantly. The three of us had the same problem. Thank god i had tissues...

It was at this point that i knew i was having a completely different trip to them. I (who am normally very extroverted and loud) became withdrawn. I didnt speak for about 3-4 hours. My friends got real worried. Eventually something happened that got me real angry. All of a sudden i was full of rage. I yelled my friends into a somewhat sober state. I nearly ripped out all my hair. (The sounds of my roots ripping could be heard by everyone)We calmed down, and decided to go out. I rolled a joint an paced. Once the joint was gone, i constantly felt like i had to be smoking. So i did.

When outside, nature, life, everything, all became very obvious, and more beautiful than i had ever seen it. "All the worlds a stage" i kept saying, staring into bushes by a river. It was amazing.

We eventually came back to mine where after another joint we faded and called it a night. The next day, i was perfectly fine. No hangover. No headache. In fact i was in a great mood.

The next time i took Philosophers Stones, we were all on them, bar a friend who turned up with all the tunes. I ate mine slow but constantly till they were all gone. This time i used water to wash them down. Much easier that way.

Within the space of about an hour, i had this sick feeling in my stomach, but my frineds reassured me that it would eventually go, and it did. We were listening to Roni Size (techno rave) and i think it only helped to intensify my trip.

This time i knew it would be diferent. I was sitting on the floor at the end of my bed listening to my friends conversations, while watching my wall breathe with me. It was so cool. One of my friends was seeing the exact same thing, and we were giggling together at it. My wall is covered in photos and postcards and they were all curling in at the corners then returning to there natural shape, constantly.

My thoughts were running wild, constantly analyzing everything. It was like that all night. It was weird. It was like i couldnt think and talk at the same time, so because thinking was easier than talking i hardly spoke. But when i did, i was totally aware of the fact that I WAS SPEAKING.

What else did i see? At one point i looked at the floor at the corner of my bed, and saw a dog (It was a Pug, in case you were wondering). My bed was like liquid. It kept moving everywhere. It wasnt major, at times i had to stop and think, am i seeing this for real, like cus of the drugs, or am i just thinking and convincing myself it was actually moving.

Later on that night (we had decided that it would be cool to take them at night, if not better..)we ventured outside. I live near a green area surounded by houses, with loads of really old trees dotted all around it. We found a spot by a tree (which someone continued to climb..). There was a perfectly clear sky, and all the stars shone bright against the black of the night. It was so beautiful. Everything was. Like it was taken out of a landscape picture book. I found a spot and lay there, not caring about the dampness. I lit a cigarette and watched as the more obvious stars moved constantly around their own spot. I blew the smoke into the air, and i was reminded of that shot of Leonardo DiCaprio, smoking a cigarette against the setting sun, in Romeo And Juliet. I was filled with a pure joy, inside and out.

We ventured down to a favourite spot to sit, right by the main road into the town. The junction was like a turning point in our lives. The cars like passing thoughts. All these people were going somewhere. They all had LIVES. Everthing that encompassed our vision was made by SOMEONE. Everything. The road. The bricks that make up the houses. The chewing gum stuck to the pavement. The skins around our joints. Everything. It was the most overwhelming feeling of Woah. Now at this point we were probably about 5hrs into the trip. We all felt amazing.

Mind you, i still wasnt talking. Just admiring everything, and thinking. Seriously, it almost pissed me off. They dont call them "Philosophers" Stones for nothing y'know.

Eventually it was about 2 am and we were all wrecked, wet from the constant leaking, and wanted bed, because after much discussion it was the most amazing place in existance, just for the simple fact that it is an essential part of life.

Oh and, before i finish, about 3hrs into the trip, i also so this Yellow Submarine-esque cartoon of an old man in the window. I kept staring at him. Any time i told people about him, they just laughed. But then, i was watching him, and all of a sudden wing like curves, just whooshed up, then whooshed back down, and the angry man was gone. I didnt see him again that night. I got such a shock, i was sort of muttering words of fear to myself, which in turn shocked my friends into believing that i had actually seen something.
(Drug induced perhaps, but i saw it...)

Thanks to Tom, Aidan, Cat, Lucy and lets not forget Stephen for those wicked tunes, and that sub-whoofer an speakers. I had a wicked time. Ill be doing them again, for definate. Im 20, why not?

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