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Bad Trip (near death)

I took a small amount of blue ringers.

I took a small amount of blue ringers. It took a very long time for me to attain tripping status and I never totally did, I just saw strange things and everything was hilarious to me, I felt elated and crazy in a good way. When I had started to come down one of my friends decided it would be cool to pass each other out by (holding your neck similiar to choking) and I said sure. It took a lot longer for me to pass out and as soon as I did I guess I fell down and started twitching ( I have no recollection of this only what I was told by my friends some of whom were sober). They did not hear my heart or feel me breathing. I didn't come to until long after a minute at which point my friends had all thought I was dead. It was horribly scary when I woke up I was in what I would consider level 5 for a few minutes and I was sure that my body had betrayed me and tried to kill me. In short I would never suggest passing out while on mushrooms because now I can no longer have a trip without reliving that experience so mushrooms are no longer any fun for me.

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