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my first but not last

My 2 friends that I was with had both tried mushrooms before, but it was my first time, so I was a little nervous.

My 2 friends that I was with had both tried mushrooms before, but it was my first time, so I was a little nervous. I went over to my friends house and I ate an eighth of shrooms and he had a little less than that. After only about 15-20 minutes I start to feel really relaxed. My other friend shows up and we wait for him to eat his shrooms. for some reason any quick movements that he made were really agitating to me and my other friend. All of our movements had to be really smooth or we would get mad. we walked through a field and my first friend and I started laughing uncontrollably for no reason at all. After about twenty seconds, though, we both stopped laughing abruptly, again for no reason. We walked down to the safeway, and on the way I passed a window. Because the window actually had two plates of glass, my reflection was slightly split into two images. THat then became my first hallucination. everything was in double vision. I found that for the rest of my trip, whatever was suggested became my reality. One of my friends told me about the trip that I should ride it like a wave, so then I thought that I was surfing down the sidewalk, and when I turned around I had to swim against the imaginary current. when we went inside the safeway, I had to leave because there was just too much activity. the shaddows on peoples faces were like creases on their head. we decided that safeway was not a good place to be and headed out to thriftway. It was much more relaxed, but the hallucination became much more intense, with vines growing out of the sidewalk. Inside I had to go to the bathroom, but the tile was really trippy and the toilet seemed too low. apparently I was in there for about ten minutes and they had to come and get me. Everything that seemed normal before was completely new to me. I remember thinking that the zipper on my pants was an awesome invention. As we left, the cash registers formed a really cool kind of music, and I forget what normal music was. I had a sort of epiphany that we are all connected, because when I looked at aperson they would shift from male to female and from very old to very young. Everyone was the same and constantly shifting into someone of a different age. I kept having to check my watch because time didn't make sense to me anymore. when I looked at my phone once, I realized that the phone was calling someone, but it was hard to focus on the name. I realized that I had accidentally called my stepmom, but I luckily hung up before leaving a message of my friends and I on shrooms. we headed back to my friends house and on the walk back I felt like I was going to throw up. My friend did throw up, and my other friend asked if I had. for a second I thought I had, and had to actually check the ground around me before I could tell him that I hadn't. we got back and watched that 70s show and friends for what seemed like hours. All of the characters kept morphing into other characters and their voices were changing and their words didn't make any sence. I found that the only times that I understood what people were talking about was when my two friends were talking. nobody else made sence. We spent the rest of our night coming down in front of the wizard of oz. I remember that my face felt the way it does after the anesthetic from a dentist has worn off. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again.

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