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My Dog

it was a beautiful sunny saturday.

it was a beautiful sunny saturday. me and my girlfriend went to the neighbors house who happend to sell mushrooms. it was probably about 1 oclock in the afternoon and i had 35 dollars to spend so i bought an eighth of mushrooms. we then went back to my house and ate them straight, chasing them with iced tea. about 20 minutes later my dog, that pain in the ass, starts whining because he had to go outside. man i was fuckin mad cuz i had recently just smoked a blunt and didnt want to get off the couch. i let him out anyway, went back inside to get my girlfriend. i had a brilliant idea, lets go outside with the dog and lay on my hammock while we wait for the mushrooms to kick in. at this point i already had the buzz in my hands and feet but i wasnt gone yet. so we lay down and the shrooms kick about 10 minutes later. we must have laid there for about and hour or two before we realize the dog was missing. so i started freakin out, we hop in my honda and start driving around town lookin for him. im yellin out the window while im gettin vibrations, color traces, im seein shadows that arent there. i was fully tripping face behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. i was buggin. i finally pull myself together and realize that me and her arents sober enough to find the dog, so i called my boy that sold me the shrooms and told him the deal. he wound up driving me around town until we found the dog... in the yard acroos the street from my house... man did i feel like an ass...

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