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My Damn Dog

Well here is second report on Shroomery, Just a while ago i had bought about 1/2 oz of what looked to be taz.

Well here is second report on Shroomery, Just a while ago i had bought about 1/2 oz of what looked to be taz. well it sat in my closet for about one week till my tripping buddy came in to town from college. well it all started at about 11 oclock when he got in to town and we immediatly tossed about 5 grams each into a blender with some extra pulpy OJ. Oh one other thing i had him bring in some visual toys (light sticks, leds, photons, ect.) About 20 mins in we started to feel the usual effects. as i became anxious for the trip that awaited me. I sat there and closed my eyes hope to catch a glimse of some nifty closed eyed. To my supprise i already had full blow visuals. not jsut patrens but like some one holding down the chanle button on a very fast tv of random thughts. after about 30 mins of that we deceide to go out side and hit the Kind Bud for a bit. after a few good hit of that i had a cig and we proceded back inside to my room to watch fight club. Well to say the least i would not recomend fight club as a trip movie. the violece and fast pace and weird plot to it all is not cool. well during the movie it started to feel as if i had sunk into the bed some and when i scratched my head it looked as if i was looking fromdeep in my head. and all my limbs moved very rubbery and kinda asleep like. after about half the movie we went back outside to smoke. by this time i was starting to loose the visuals and really the rest of the trip. when we were outside i took one of the light sticks we had and cut the top off. ok i wish i had visuals at this part and i dont know if it is dangerous to play with the glowing liquid but it is way fucking cool. while playing with little puddles in our hads or smearng it all over the driveway or spritzzing it all over the garage wall. the my trip buddy got the greatest idea. least dump some on the dog. well i guess i was tripping some cause it sounded like a great idea. well needless to say suzzy didnt like it to much and took off running down the block. she must have run atleast 2 blocks and we could still make out this fucking glowing dog darting in and out of bushes and down the street. finally she cam e back and washed her off a bit. well thats pretty much the trip otehr than smoking some weed

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