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My Ceiling

I dropped 3.

I dropped 3.5 dried grams at 5:50pm. I was watching Frasier (6:30pm) when I felt the beginning of the trip kicking in. I waited until it ended or so and went over to T's. It was rising and rising, so after a smoke I went back to my house. I remember walking down the hallway to get back to my house: it looked like a warped, curvy hall of a mental institution. When I got in I turned on the TV and watched Bill Cosby's version of "Kids Say the Darndest Things." I remember thinking that Mr. Cosby just wanted to make money off these kids by exploiting their naivete and making them feel humiliated sometimes. Eventually around 8:30pm I started watching some Riverdance-type show on CBC. I then turned over on my bed and stared at my ceiling, which is white and spackled. I saw patterns in it and it started melting, moving around, and breathing/bubbling. Part of it was highlighted purple. Then every few seconds a face that was drawn with purple "ink" appeared. Mostly they were alien-type faces wearing sunglasses. The face would appear, then disappear and in its place a new one would appear. I thought that these "faces" might be a window into my subconscious and/or some sort of prophecy. Sometimes the music on the CBC dance thing was actually soothing and helped me calm down and get out of the Paranoia that usually occurs when I trip or get stoned. At one point, the vision in my left eye was flashing in bright colors -- mainly purple. While I was doing this, M -- who had dropped with us -- had promised to watch a movie with his mom. He had already dropped but was still sober when he went to watch it in the house. His mom fell asleep at some point in the movie and he started tripping, and swore he saw a big pit in the middle of his living room. He told us that he actually stood up and tried to stick his foot in it -- when obviously he couldn't. At about 9:30pm I went back over to T's and they were all tripping by that time too. We watched The Big Hit (only two people hadn't seen it before), and were tripping to that for a while. After a few more smoke breaks -- in which one I couldn't even light my cigarette -- we eventually went back to his house and babbled and laughed to a snowy screen (you know how the TV screen looks when its just the white noise/snow), which was actually muted. I stared at that for a while. I saw new patterns everytime I looked at it, and the other black dots on it were running around the pattern. T said that they looked like a bunch of bugs running around which got faster and faster everytime he looked at it. We all came down around the same time (approx. midnight).

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