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My best trip...

I had just gotten a freshly dried half ounce off a friend the night before of Cubies and was ready to shroom the following day.

I had just gotten a freshly dried half ounce off a friend the night before of Cubies and was ready to shroom the following day. I arrived at my friend’s house around noon or so on a typically gorgeous day in sunny SoCal. I got out of my car and walked to my friend’s old garage that his father uses as an office. (The parents were away for the week) I walked in and he was playing some Command & Conquer on his computer. We had planned to shroom today but he was so into his game he had very little to say to me so I just took a seat and procured them shrooms. Man these were nice shrooms! They were perfectly dried out, the kind of caps that disintegrate into dust when chewed. Each one is unique so I kinda studied them for a bit till I decided which ones would be best suitable for our day ahead. I finally decided after many subjectively analytical calculations in my head that we would ingest 2 shrooms each, both still attached to the stems and about 3-4 inches long (about 3+ grams). These were some of the best ones of the bunch and seemed like the perfect amount just gauging by my eye; which I like to think is the preferred method of dosing (more natural). I hand them to my friend after about 10 minutes of study time with explosions from his computer game filling the background and we both begin munching away around 2pm while drinking Coca-Cola (ahh…Coke is it!).
After consumption and the proverbial cleaning of the teeth, I was waiting for my friend and I to go into the house because I immediately began feeling the initial effects of the shrooms. My friend didn’t notice much feeling so he just continued to play his computer game which annoyed me cuz I knew I would have to find a comfortable place to sit while the turmoil in my stomach began to surmount. He just kept playing his game and so I sat there for like 5 minutes immediately becoming increasingly jittery and edgy to go in the house. The war noises from the game were really starting to annoy me and my friend still wasn’t talking much at all. Only answering my questions and the such. So I went outside and lit up a smoke mainly to get away from that computer game which was driving me crazy & my friend didn’t seem to be stopping soon. I knew he would have to come out at some point (had to finish his mission) and he finally did about the time I was finishing my smoke. I knew he would be ‘going up’ since we had about the same dosage (they hit in less than a few minutes) and I guess he didn’t notice it that much while being enthralled and completely engrossed in his game. The devilish smile he gave me (in a good way) let me know he was feeling the effects as well and just around 10 minutes into it! So finally we could begin as we made our way into his house through a temporarily broken door that had a hole where the knob should be (comes in later).
Upon entering the house with parents gone and all, I was startled to see, since I did not expect him or anyone else to be there, his older brother sitting on the couch looking like a slob (pothead) watching TV. I kinda jumped and got real nervous. We were only like 10 minutes into the post ingestion period but man were we flying already. His brother took one look at us and was like ‘damn’ and he started to laugh. Our pupils were already huge. He sarcastically asked us what we were doing (he knew from our eyes) (“so what are you guys up to today?” he asked in a totally sarcastic voice) and it made me laugh. Told him we just ate them and he asked me for some too. I had never tripped with his brother before (same w/ my friend) and both my friend & I were a bit apprehensive at first cuz we just thought it would be too weird. Also beginning to increase at an exponential rate were the shrooms. I just couldn’t help from being indecisive since my mind was wandering very rapidly but after him pestering me for some delightfully precious morsels, I had to oblige since there was no mistaking this growing feeling that we would be shrooming all day and he wouldn’t be in on the action & might ruin it for us. I freely gave him what I thought was the dosage that we had ingested and he macked them up in a flash. I am glad I made that decision for it turned out much better than anticipated. We had all known each other since we were little kids so I hoped this would be a pretty cool experience unfolding.
So then, with the intro outta da way, we can begin our story.
I always have a bad time digesting these babies but have found that just sitting or lying down and being completely still helps tremendously as moving around causes things in the stomach to get churned up and well, we don’t want that now do we. So the three of us just plopped our asses down on the couch & waited. Shit it was coming on strong (that feeling where you think you are gonna die, but must realize its just gonna be more intense than anything yet experienced) and I just had to have a smoke (mmmm Menthol!).
B (my friend T's older brother) mentioned something to me about packing a bowl in an ice bong and I started laughing cuz I thought he wanted me to go get water & ice from the kitchen in preparation for our session & I knew I was incapable and boy did I feel like it. I told him I couldn’t do it. He had one of those looks on his face like he was a priest who is about to do something evil and really enjoy it. He looked at me and started laughing too and said, “no do you have weed?” I was like yeah, since I had plenty. So did he. He said, “you pack, I’ll get the binger ready.” I said ok & laughed even more because as I looked at him I swear we had the same thought in our heads. I was thinking, it was like we just fed you shrooms and now you’re gonna take us for our pot as well. (B-2…vs…us-0) SNL couldn’t have written a better skit. It was like he was playing the role of a moocher who just won’t quit. We started laughing side-achingly bad. Laughter is contagious, just hearing friends laugh hysterically can be fun. Three goofs in a room having to lie down they are laughing so hard for a solid 10 minutes is a pretty funny sight; anytime. B proceeded.
So I ‘upped & atomed’ my way out the front door onto the deck which has an awesome view. We were on the east side of a small valley perfect for tripping. It was a solid 500 feet to a heavily traveled 4 lane road with houses & trees here & there and best of all, privacy. I took my seat in one of those plastic lawn furniture chairs on a deck without rails & had my smoke while he prepared the ice bong. About 30 seconds later my friend T comes out and joins me in a chair motioning me to get him something. I was perplexed! I looked at him questioningly and he pointed to my right hand on the armrest. I turned to look at my hand. It hit me like a bullet as I watched the trail of smoke go up through my hand in that incense-like way. He wanted a menthol. I said, Oh so you want a menthol do ya?T says yes please and we both start bustin up! I hand it over to him after about 30 seconds of fishing it out of my pack which seemed to take forever. He takes it and places it in his mouth enamoring me with a childish grin on his face just like a kid in a candy store. He just keeps looking at me laughing for a few seconds without smoking it & since none in their family smoke cigs, I thought he might just throw it away or waste & destroy it somehow innovatively so I got agitated and yelled out what! to him since he would not speak. He did not change but simply moved his thumb motioning for the lighter and when I realized he had been sittin with an unlit smoke in his mouth all that time, another fit of rolling over the hills laughter ensued as we sat there taking deep drags of menthol and staring at the magnificence of the world unfolding before our very eyes which was almost a bit too awe inspiring.
At this point it is getting very tough to speak coherently.
We are looking all around us because “IT” is beginning and we just sit there laughing whenever we look at each other. I was having very fucked up audio patterns like my hearing would breath in & out and change shapesJ…(major distortion) B, my friend’s brother, comes out with the ice bong and places it on the deck. There are only 2 chairs and the others are about 15 feet away. He goes to grab it and comes back and sits with us as he takes notice of the 2 buds I had placed there for his service of preparing the ice bong. (I really was incapable of getting that thing ready and I wasn’t gonna try so I was grateful for him having done it) We were like kids trying not to laugh in class throughout this silence as both T and I could do nothing else since we were fixated on watching him solve a problem of getting a chair. The whole time he said nothing till he sat down and neither did we. Then we smoked. Nothing like hits from the ice bong on a hot day in the 80’s.We were well on our way to having a great fuckin’ day.
Man did that pot taste good, especially going up about 20 minutes after first feeling the effects of the shrooms. There is no way I would trip and not have pot available. It is simply a must as oh man how to explain it. There is nothing like some nice herb to go along on vacation with good pal the shroom. They make a great pair. After smoking some nice rips through this dripping wet ice bong, things were definitely well along the way and that euphoric feeling had established its presence. Nothing massively serious was going on yet; just typical colors jumping around and things kind of started to move of their own accord, and since my stomach hurt like shit and I needed a cool, soft, comfortable place to wait out the warped feelings rather than the a plastic chair in the baking sun, I went back in and laid on the couch as the others followed suit. Man I knew this was gonna be unreal, I just had to wait out my bubbling churning stomach until I could actually move without wanting to spew my guts out. So we just sat on the couch and his brother threw in the movie The Wall. I really didn’t wanna watch TV when there were so many more possibilities. Especially on shrooms! The whole thing just started to annoy me and I turned away and just lay there with my face in the couch. His brother kept chattering away all the while and at least seemed to be amusing himself by his own talk. We only made it like 15-20 minutes into the movie when we just had to turn our attention elsewhere. I was feeling quite out of it by this time and I simply could not move lest I instigate a welling upheaval and eruption emanating from my stomach. I looked at the wood floor and the huge speakers of the bigscreen TV and they were definitely pulsating. Everything was breathing now in slow undulations. The movie was the part with the kids on the playground and their chatter was making me sick to the point I was either going to spew or get up and go ballistic. None of this happened since at this point I was virtually incapacitated. I could not move and nothing sounded like a coherent recognizable sound anymore.
I still felt like shit so about all I could do was lie on the couch with my head buried in the opposite direction of the TV. I basically just started to go into my own little world because I felt so horrible and it was too tough to concentrate on any one thing and things were really starting to ’breathe.’ Then I start to hear T laughing…starting out as a giggle and then blooming into full blown laughing hysteria. I ignore his laugh as I am just simply not functioning properly and know I can’t do so. I am trying to block everything out of my mind when all of a sudden I hear another voice laughing. I raise my head and open an eye to check out the scene. My friend and his brother are on the opposite side of the room; T in an open hallway swiveling from side to side in an office desk chair behind B who is still on the same couch as me and are fucking laughing their asses off and there doesn’t seem to be any letting up. I try to ask them what they are laughing at but when I open my mouth to speak, I find that I cannot form a word. I can barely make a sound let alone trying to formulate one into anything recognizable. I could not talk. It was like being stuck in a dream where you are trying to run and your legs just won’t function. You still know how to run but it just doesn’t happen. I could not believe this phenomenon. It was scary as shit and yet a hilariously funny concept. So I started to laugh at the fact that I could not formulate words correctly or make much of any sound w/ my vocal cords & was hit by this invisible force field denying me the privilege of verbal communication and I was like, shit!!! I tried for like 5-10 minutes trying to talk and understand what the hell they were laughing about So here we are all laughing but apparently, not at the same thing. They were not able to talk either because they were the same level as me or they were just laughing too hard. All they could do was laugh uncontrollably and point to this box with a picture of a girl on it smiling as she was about to take a sip of water from a glass. I t was like a Brita contraption or something. I could not understand it at the time but after we came down which was a very long time away, they explained to me that I had morphed into that little girl on the side of the box and so I was in this picture of a 7 year old girl sipping water. Since they could not explain it, I had no clue what to make of the situation. So they were pointing to the box on this table but unfortunately that was also the same direction the house ran so they could have been pointing to any number of things up to 50 feet away. This did not make me feel better to think about something I could not grasp so I propped myself up into a sitting position. They kept laughing their asses off for like another ten minutes and since I had been lying in the same position on the couch for awhile, sitting up drastically showed me that I was tripping balls! My equilibrium was totally out of balance. And this was just like a half hour into it…I caught their laughter again and joined in so we all had the giggles for about another 20 minutes as the trip intensified faster than any rate I have yet to experience. Complete idiotic uncontrollable laughter that any normal person would have thought we were crazy.
We settled down & B turned off the tube & went back in his room to chill to some music by himself. I looked into their kitchen and their mother has all these glass bong-like looking art things and all the glass was this red rose color and the sun coming in thru the three-sided window above the kitchen sink poured its rays of light in the glass so that they shone in all directions in these awesome geometric patterns. The walls were covered in geometric sunlight and since the sun's rays were coming through a tree and there was a slight breeze outside, all of these patterns just danced over the walls. Due to the red rose color that had sunlight shining through it, the resultant effect on the wall was an orange color made from the sun and glass. I had never had shrooms that enhanced the colors of objects like this before and (not this intensity), although I'm quite the experienced tripper, these were the most beautiful colors I had ever seen. Not to mention there was tile all over the walls and floor that shimmered with delight in the sunlit kitchen. It was so cool and it was so early in the trip. I knew then that this would be a most memorable experience. (The most so far) There was also a large aquarium filled with many fish down in a different area of the house by the front door where they had pointed…it radiated this awesome ocean blue hue and was lit up in a shadier part of the house. Having grown up next to and loving the ocean, blue is my favorite color and the inner peace I received from just staring at the aquarium was awesomely tranquil.
The next thing I know I’m in the kitchen admiring all this shit and my friend comes in and wants to divvy up the bag of shrooms now instead of later. I had a half ounce on me and we consumed from that and were going to split the rest; but now!? There was no mention of this before and I had assumed we’d do it when we were capable of doing it rightly. But my friend was fervent on having it done now; it had to be done, so we tried. We couldn’t divide them evenly since we were so hesitant on making any analytical decisions and did a fairly poor job and lost a little dust in the process but we were laughing our asses off the whole time. Some of the best laughter I have ever felt run throughout myself. We were trying to have a conversation and it just didn’t work. One of the simplest things was so tough that it made us giddy with excitement and amazement. It really felt good to be alive at that point. I think B couldn’t stand to listen to hear our high pitched giggling so he came in the kitchen to get a drink and was making wisecracks which just fed fuel to the fire. He got some bottled beverage from the fridge and sojourned to his room. We were still laughing when a few seconds after the door slams shut (really fuckin' hard). Black Sabbath comes blaring from the room. We get the message he doesn’t wanna hear our laughter so we grab some waters from the fridge and tackle the difficult task of stepping down a few steps and opening a door to get outside on the deck.
I think this is when we all found our own interesting little worlds and we kinda split up and went about looking and pondering different stuff. There were many windows all over this place and the effects produced by them were quite amazing. Well his brother made it back to the room at the back of the house that he and his brother shared and stayed there for about the next 3 hours or so…I lost all track of time, not that I needed to keep the time, but it had no meaning and besides it intrinsically feels better to know what time it is by the shade of the sky. There is no better time than the hour of sunset which is when we peaked. So my friend’s brother is chillin by himself ,I was walking and exploring the middle area of the house while my friend wandered outside in his rather large yard which has a small orange grove and many beautiful plants, bushes, flowers, rocks, trees, birds…wheelbarrow…etc…
I soon felt I needed a cigarette so I went out on the front porch where the view is magnificent, and sat in a chair and kicked up my feet and had my smoke. It might have taken me ten minutes or so to light my smoke but I finally got it lit. I think I just sat in a chair with a cig in my mouth and a lighter in my hand for what seemed to be ages. The view was just flying high…The sky was a beautiful hue of blue without a cloud in sight and the difference in hue changed from a deep blue straight above to a light blue towards the Western horizon. I must have sat there a half hour just tripping out on this and these awesome trees that were nearby. The deck was maybe 10 feet off the ground so I was able to look at eye level and straight into the little universe of the trees. I had a few more smokes and then went for a little walk around the house. I had no clue where my friend was and I walked to the opposite side of the house to find the coolest looking tree. It had all of these blooming purple flowers and the tree unfolded like an umbrella or a small willow tree so that when inside the canopy, it was pretty hot damn cool! I took a seat on a large rock behind the tree and looked back to the deck about 50 feet away and had another smoke. This was the best cig of my journey as the canopy made a zebra-like effect through sunlit rays with the smoke I blew and made me feel happy all over. Upon seeing this I just had to whip out my pipe and smoke a nice big bowl just by myself. I was showing signs of catching perma-grin as I basked in this natural splendor while in a state of cosmic euphoria.
I then walked up towards the front of the house to be in the open sunlight and took a seat on some stucco steps. I admired the view and enjoyed the warmth of the sun as the temperature was slowly dropping. It was now around 4:30-5pm judging from the sun’s angle. I stood up and went in the front door. Upon closing the door, I just stood in place and gaped at all that lay before me in the house. It was like entering another world, like a gateway into the man made realm. There was nothing wrong here, just two different worlds. I stood contemplating the differences for a bit as I listened to music that was being blared from B in his room. Music is awesome, but I had just been listening to birds, with the whir of cars going by not too far off in the background at 50 mph. I did not wanna hear music (Black Sabbath) but could empathize with B’s current position. I thought of the source of the meaning ‘to trip out’ and laughed when it hit me, yep this is it I thought as I stared at thoughts in my mind sometimes all of a sudden realizing that my eyes were now looking at something else in the house.
So I stood there tripping out and decided that if I was going to trip out, which is what I was doing, I should go back and sit on the deck. I took a look at the deck from inside the cool house and noticed there was enough shade to now sit comfortably in, so I eagerly ventured out to my old plastic chair and properly positioned it for prime viewing from the shade. The coolness of late afternoon was definitely making its presence felt as I just sat in the chair staring at nature for about an hour. The kaleidoscopic effects and enhanced colors were so unreal I was utterly in a state of suspended shock for a long time. I wanted to smoke some nice kind buds but felt I could not handle the mushroom enhancement. Like I would die from the onslaught of going up too fast. I thought I was around my peak (another worthlessly erroneous thought) and so I decided it would be better to wait until afterwards.
What awoke me from my trance was my friend T coming out on the deck to join me as the western sky was already showing signs of being another typically vibrant, beautiful sunset. He motioned me for a cig just like the last time and I had it lit for him immediately this time. The sky was cloudless except for a few strands of puffs way off in the western atmosphere and it was orange and red hues overpowered by the sun since sunset was still about a half-hour away. T and I did not speak as we both stared away into the sun. The whole sky at this point was liquid and flowing in smooth, low frequency oscillations. I told this to my friend, or something to the effect and immediately he just laughed out an "I know." We both looked at each other and in perfect synchronicity, shit our pants. The yellow from the sun and the strong negative effects it has on your eyes really screwed with our normal vision, but we could not look away if we had wanted to as it had us under its spell. My eyes were blurred on the outside perimeters with white fuzz but I could still see clearly straight ahead although it hurt very badly. The damage done to my eyes this day was well worth it. The sky was alive and breathing and pulsing with the energy of the sun and as time went on, the sky changed from a darker blue at the top to purple; and then reds, yellows, and oranges. After about a half hour of checking with each other to make sure what we were seeing was really occurring, we were finally convinced & were sure that this was one of the coolest events we had ever witnessed. That is at least mostly what I remember, mostly. I was suddenly left with a slight feeling of depression as the sun dipped over the opposite side of the valley. We sat and talked about the phenomenon of this sunset that just occurred over 2 straight cigs each and basically agreed that this was probably the peak.
After this was over and the sun had been gone for about 15 minutes, both of us suddenly noticed we were freezing our asses off in our shirts & shorts although it was still very warm outside. So, we went inside. Once inside, I guess our laughter prompted B to come see what we were up to and he asked if I wanted to smoke. Hells yeah. He just read my mind cuz exactly when I saw him walking towards us I was gonna ask him if he wanted to smoke. Since he was the only one still capable of preparing the ice-bong, I was highly obligatory in providing all the pot he wanted. Like I said, I had plenty. So, still freezing our asses off since the house was about the same temperature, we made it back to the deck once again. He packed up the bowl, hit it, and passed it to me. I was so cold I was shaking very badly and was concerned I would not be able to properly work this pot smoking device in front of me. I had three goes at getting the pot lit to take a hit but once I succeeded, I fully inhaled my hit. Immediately, I felt cold no longer. I exhaled and suddenly I felt very warm once again; like instantaneously being defrosted. My body warmed from the inside out. It seemed kind of like taking a big swig of brandy. In a flash I was back to being normal again and holy shit, I felt so happy. "I'd like some more of that stuff please," just beamed throughout my head as I walked around enjoying the effects gravity had on my body as I roamed randomly around the deck. We smoked for another good 10 minutes. I would just walk around the deck laughing with perma-grin printed on my face and take my hit like a good boy when my turn in line came up. At this point B was telling a story about this kid who liked to shoot cats with his BB gun while he was holding the bong in his hand as he spoke. We were all laughing our asses off at the story cuz he was telling this instance of when a cat was on a fence and when it got shot, it fell off the fence with a big cat squeal and we all laughed even harder. I was laughing so hard I could hardly keep my balance anymore and I veered to the side of the deck where I almost fell off, they laughed even harder at this and just when I thought I had gotten my balance right, my foot slipped on a little dirt or sand and so my foot fell off the edge. There was some dirt maybe 3 feet below that it hit lucky for me I was ok and just a bit scratched. This made all of us just burst out in hysteria. I began to wonder if people far away could hear us laughing cuz we were so loud. We settled down again and finished the bowl and B took leave of us to go back to his room once again. T & I just remained where we were on the deck and after about 20 minutes I was feeling thirsty. I had bottled water in my car and I suddenly felt out of it. It felt like an impossible task to get water from the house and since my van was closer, I struggled to make it there. I forgot about T as my focus was only on the water. I don't remember what I said to T as he asked what I was doing going to my car but somehow, I think he got the impression I was gonna go home. I got in my car and sat down & struggled to get the water as I sweated profusely. I drank the whole thing straight and leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. If I had thought I was peaking before, I was highly mistaken. I was in the ride of my life for the next 3 hours. It was dark by this time and the clear night sky was filled with stars. The moon was about half full or something like that and was just about 2 -3 hours after it had risen. I leaned back my chair and laid on my back staring out my windows into the abyss. It was endless. Things I could never begin to fathom flew through my mind as I discarded them just as quickly to intercept the next bigger connection that made these immense thoughts seem like nonsense. I stayed in this state for about 2 hours with a tom drum in my lap listening to Phish. Complete bliss. I can not explain… We all came down later and smoked some more buds and then after screwing around in the house, I drove home all fine around midnight. I forget what happened and am startled to see what I had written here. I had planned on finishing this (I wrote it over a few years) but it now eludes my mind. Hope you enjoyed; I did.

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