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My Best Mush Trip :)

Being a skinny 15 year old chick, the 3.

Being a skinny 15 year old chick, the 3.5 grams that i had stuffed into my face at 3:30 in the day took quite the toll on my mental state. My friend had recently obtained some shrooms and offered to share and trip with me in town. Normally i dont like doing drugs in the day, because my discomfort with day time and the public when im on mushrooms, would only obviously be worse when the townfolk were out enjoying their sunday :P. My friend and I were dropped into town, to meet my friend who had the shrooms. We walked around before eating them drinking some water before we found a forested area where the trail goes through. We wandered through the trees off of the path until we found a big cut down tree to sit down on and eat. They were alright, powderly with golden caps :P I know preservatives blah :P. When finshed our mushies we set off and walked back into town waitng for it to hit us. My friend who had come with me into town decided she was hungry so we went into a McDanks. She ordered the chicken nuggets and we sat down. Its about a 15 minute walk to town and by the time we were sitting down 25 minutes had passed and I started to get the "wa was". I dont know if anyones really looked at the wall patterns in McDonalds, but there trippy as hell. It seemed everytime i would open my eyes again the whole buidling had skewed, and when i closed my eyes it would reset it, only to go back to the warped shape. My friend decided she was hungry after all and put the bag of chicken nuggets in her purse and we set off again. We went to the next building over and sat on the crubs for a while, where i was over taken with giggles, and some shouting. I sat apart from my two friends for a bit and stared and giggled to myself. Chicken nugget friend decided we were going to make a scene. We ran to the high way, and touched cars the flew by. I then relaized why its so easy for people to get hit by cars under the influence of shrooms.

We sat on some large stones for a while and looked at the patterns we were seeing in the grass, the longer grasses that seemed to reach and brush at my legs startled me and i jerked my knees up and held myself for a while, before we realized how stupid we looked. we walked down what seemed like a HUGE hill, to get to wherever we were meant to go, which i dont remember at the moment. it felt like walking down hill was a very difficult chore and that i would fall and slide down the side walk on my ass. It was a hot day, but temperature, as to me being hot or cold, just changed into a bit of a clammy discomfort which i learned to ignore. We went back to the trees were we shouted, "THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN". We really believed that this was how messed we were going to be.

We sat on the log where we had eaten them, and thats were i began to go into "the real peak". The trees were breathing with me and waving slight and the spider that my friend was poking with a stick seemed HUGE and in my face. The many twigs became brown snakes that pushed through the leaves and floated around me and my friends. I had a little angst, but I was not very afraid of what i was seeing. My friend had walked up a hill in the trees and decided it was too far and wanted to keep walking and find her boy friend.

We exited from the food and headed towards the high school. ON the way though, we were distracted by the foot ball field. We went and sat on the grass, which became us lying down. My Purse was my pillow and I stared around. The earth i was lying on was taking huge breaths, which i became a little jealous of. The trees that were "waving in the wind" were waving and exuberantly greeting me. I began to implore to my two friends, "Its wierd that theres Boys and Girls.. and Intimacy.. " It seemed like such a thought at that point :P.I sat up eventually and we kept going on to the direction of the friends bfs house, and at that point i felt a little like i was going to vomit. I was shaking a bit, but the discomfort in this "body" really just felt like somone elses, and was easy to forget about.

When we arrived at my friends bfs house. I waited by the side walk with myother firned.. The GF walked into his house without knocking and hollered at him for a while before she realized no one was home. The dog that barked at the window seemed to be yelling at me and tell me to GO AWAY. i felt insulted by the little creature and sat under a tree in their front lawn. When we realized that we wouldnt be getting any weed from sean, because we couldnt find him, We walked.

Most of the day was walking and produsing these thoughts that at the time seemed brilliant. Like when I looked to my fingers and implored, "why do i need these?", to which my friendd emily replied. "You couldn't get rid of your fingers if you didnt have fingers." The idea exited us and we chanted it for a while until i was yelling uncontrollably and my friends got me to stop because the public was staring at me.

In town, it seemed like the people across the street that were smaller obviousy due to their distance seemed like little people. We ran into some friends who told us it was 6 o clock. I phoned my dad who told me to phone him again in an hour before he could pick us up. The call was long distance and cost me 3.55, which pissed me off. The hour went by and I went to use the phone again. i was filling it with coins because it wouldnt accept my loonies, it would ask for more and more, which began to REALLY piss me off out of nowhere. I eventually took the phone, and beat it over the dialing pad making quite a scene :|. the phone has huge ass dents in it now. Turns out my dad was parked right next to us watching me beat this shit out of this phone. Me and my friend parted from Fraz, and left to go to her house. THe drive seemed long and akward, and i tried to fill the scilence with what really was incessant babble. We got to her house though and ate, everything, including the left over chicken nuggest. Though maybe it was the happiest shroom trip, it was defintely the most eventful, and im excited now to just enjoy it more next time and take the shrooms in stages rather than all at once.. :)

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