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mY beSt eVeR

we packed our baqs.

we packed our baqs.. ready for our trip to wonderland. im alice and this is a vacation we will never forget.

my husband and i are always trying to find things that will bring us closer together. we are the best of friends and love to experience different states of mind together. we used to drop x but it's so hard to find here in san diego and we havent had the pleasure of doing so. luckily, we found some shrooms. we've done them before but they have been even harder to find than ecstasy. we were not experienced back then so we only took small amounts of an 1/8. but on this day.. we were ready for something awesome. we got a babysitter and had a relaxing day out together.. alone. we decided to start an hour before sunset so that we could get the best of both the day and the night. i took a little more than 1/16 and my husband took around 1/8. of course, i got a little sick.. i always do. we ate them with almond hershey bars, a lot easier to do down but that nausea never fails. within 15 mins, i could feel a tingling sensation in my legs and my mind began to feel lighter.. loaded up with orange juice galore, some paper and markers and cigarettes to last a year. i also brought an led ball to keep us occupied when there was nothing left. we posted at a embarcadero park. there was some digging going on in the water.. a big crane would lower this claw and pick up tons of sand.. we decided to watch that for a little while. i forgot the cigs in the truck so we both went back for some nicotine and jungle music. as i sat there, i witnessed the world begin to change. everything turned red and cartoonlike. of course this was gradual thing but it was AMAZING. i asked my husband if he was seeing this too.. he agreed. soon, i couldnt recognize anything around me. it was a big mess of colors and lines. "i think i took too much, " i told my husband and i started to laugh.. uncontrollably. "don't worry," he explained as he laughed at me laughing.. "you'll be fine." and we sat there for 10 mins just laughing. after i got control of the hysteria.. i pulled out some paper and asked my husband to draw me a mushroom. he drew and drew. i couldnt draw.. i couldnt keep the lines on the paper from swirling around. so i watched him. i couldnt understand how he did that. i stared out the window and watched the world in its beautiful and warped state and began to think how much ive been blessed. how life has been more fair than not. okay, i wont get deep into my self realization. after pondering for 5 mins, which seemed like hours, i looked at my husbands beautiful mushrooms.. colored in orange highlighter. when i saw the color, i saw it everywhere.. on his sleeve, on his hand. "honey, you're making a mess," i told him. he explained that it was the shrooms. and we both laughed uncontrollably again. 10 mins later we took a good look at his art and i couldve swore that those three little magic mushrooms were going to jump off the page. my husband kept saying, "the light" like every 5 mins. he thought the light behind us kept dimming in and out. and i laughed everytime he said it. "ALL I WANT TO DO IS LAUGH.. that's all," so i would giggle for no apparent reason then burst out in laughter for no apparent reason... i couldnt talk right. my train of thought was jumbled and the words came out like a tape playing very slow. my husband looked at me with confusion in his eyes.. and started to laugh.. hysterically. "um, i think i took too much." i was lost in my own head for an hour. confused and out of touch with reality. i couldnt even remember how it felt to be normal and sober. i have this lighter with squares on it and as i looked into it.. i truly believed that i was peeking through a doorway into another universe. BEAUTIFUL. we finished the rest of them that night eating stem here and caps there. the visuals were fantastic and lasted until 3am. that's when we went to sleep. my husband and i are better friends and are more in love than ever. the next time we plan to hippie flip (shrooms and x) and i will have another story to tell you.. next time. until then, stay safe, have fun, and appreciate your life and the gifts of the earth. love yourself and those around you. life is just too short to waste on anything else.

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