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my bad tripp

it was an ordaniry day i woke up and phoned my friends to see what they were up to and two of my friends came over and we decided to go out.

it was an ordaniry day i woke up and phoned my friends to see what they were up to and two of my friends came over and we decided to go out. all of our friends had decided to do shrooms that night so what the hell right we might as well do them to. this hadent been the first time i had done them i had done them twice before but i only ate half a gram before and i was drunk both times. so we got our shrooms and whent to our friends house and started chewing. about 10 minutes later we started to get twiches and we were laughing alot i felt so good. and then my friend split water on me. so i when home and got changed. i left and when i was walking down the stairs there were bugs everywere i was so scared and it was so cold every light was so bright and it blinded me if i looked at them. i was so scared. but i dont rember why. i thought every one wanter to kill me. when i finally got home i forgot why i was there. so i stood on my porch for a few minutes and relized i was soaking wet and whent up stairs to my room. i was afraid to turn my light on for some reason and all my dresser handles were glowing and telling me to opean them. i looked in the mirror and there were snakes jumping out of my hair. so i ran back to my friends house. by this time i feeling scared and i couldnt understand why my two friends wernt feeling like i was. i whent to grab my friends ciggratte and my hand was traling. i must have looked at my hand for like an houer. then the table started moving and i was tripping out really bad so i whent and sat in another room this room was slantedand i felt like i was slipping so i whent back were every one else was. every one started tripping really bad so we left. i was really scared of the dark for some reason and i thought out side was evil. i was so cold i couldnt stop shaking. so me and my one friend took off and whent to a local hang out "the shit stop" and i seen one of my friends and she started talking to me and everytime she moved her mouth her teeth grew. so i whent and found my friend and we whent back to our friends. and sat in his slanted room. by this time both of us were really scared and we didnt want to feel the way we did. and my friend started to cry and i looked at her and her face melted then she looked at her hand and it shrivled up. everything kept turing in to snakes and someone was in the other room and i thought they wanted to kill us. so me and my friend took off and when back to the "shit stop" and found our other friend. by this time all i could do was rock back and forth and say " outside is bad in side is good" i said that over and over againg for like and houer. and then my friend told me every one was after me and wanted to kill me. my bad trip lasted for about 3 and a half houres. i dont rember what i was scared of but i was scared of some thing. so far this is the best drug. you are so far gone from reality there is no going back until your trip is over. it gives you this unbellevile feeling. but if your going to do it make sure your girls are with ya. and everyone sees and trips out driffrent than you do so dont worry about it by noel pearce

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