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My Astonishing Trip

I have tried shrooms once before but it wasnt very much, i got the laughing coming up effect, and i felt really intouch with everything but my recent one was very weird.

I have tried shrooms once before but it wasnt very much, i
got the laughing coming up effect, and i felt really intouch
with everything but my recent one was very weird.

Me and my friend scored half and eigth of very very potent
mushrooms, we were stoked to when we could get back to my
house to go into our extra bedroom (trailer) and trip.

First things first we ate the shrooms, about minutes or
less later we got really hyper and went and ran around the
woods, we smoked a cigerette and it was the best cig i ever
had. We got bored of running around, and tired so we went
back to the trailer, we first ate the shrooms at 9:00pm on

Then we really started feeling the effects after running
around, i felt sick to my stomach almost but it felt really
good and uncomfortable at the same time, it was bizzare,
then we decided to put on a bruce lee movie, it was funny,
we started coming up faster and the shadows from the movie
reflected off my friends face, it was ark and there were red
shadows on his face, all the sudden he thought it would be
funny to make a scary face and shake his head really fast,
once he did i nearly shit my pants, i seriously thought he
was the devil, but i told myself he was really my friend and
continued tripping, he asked me to do the same head shake
scary thing, i did, and i did such a good job of scaring
him, i scared myself, all of the sudden i felt really good
though, my arms wouldnt work for some reason, but sometimes
my friend would turn evil again, this happened throughout
the night, we turned on a trippy computer animation
psycadellic movie it was coolest most detailed movie ive
ever seen, after it was over, we decided to go check out
nature, it was now about 11:00 a clock at night and i could
feel myself almost peak, we were outside when we peaked, i
could feel my friend peaking too, we shared the same vibes
throughout the night, we tried to push on trees and the fact
that tree tress wouldnt moved was astounding, that the trees
were alive, i could feel the tree living, but my friend, ill
call him jinsun kept turning evil which was scaring me
still, we decided to walk throught a mild section of open
woods that wouldnt be to scary, i couldnt see the ground so
it was unpredictable where i would step, it was like
exploring my back yard for the first time, i needed to
experiance more, i went and hugged a tree, it felt sooo
good, then i rubbed the dirt all over my arms, this felt
even better, i loved dirt, i looked at a house and there was
a weird rainbow spiral every wehre i looked, it was 2d and i
had to concentrate to see it, the walls on the house started
moving, after we got afraid of outside we decided it was
best to go back in and play with things inside the trailer,
we turned on a fan, ya know how sometimes when you look at a
fan it looks like one fan blade is going around in circles,
thats how it was, though a billion times greater and more
fun, once again, my friend laughed and turned evil,

i told myself its fake and ignored his evil devilish looking
face (at the time he looked like the devil) a lot more
trippy small things happened, and at about 1:00am we started
coming down, i was getting less scared with everything,
things started to stop being enhanced by a million times as
it seemed, and we finally hit earth both exactly at 1:50, we
put on some bob marley and relaxed and talked of us both,
thinking eachother were evil at times and at times how
afraid of eachother we were, my friend said we should change
the music and as we thought about changing the music the cd
player stopped, as if someone pressed the stop button,

we did not hallacinate it and the chances of the cd going
dead after him saying that are un imaginable, we both new
that shrooms increase the 6th sense, but we had no idea that
this would happen, i know one of us did it with our mind, we
both knew that, and it freaked the crap out of us, i got the
feeling were it feels like your spinal cord is tingling out
of your back, and my eyes started to water,

it happened to both of us, i looked at my friends fa

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