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My 5th time

I took mushies my 5th time.

I took mushies my 5th time. I am an 18 year old female and I weigh 120 lbs. Myself and five others took an eighth a piece. I had tripped four other times all at the same house but this time I felt like I had toatlly lost control. All of the other times I was laughing with my partners and talking about life. I was having a blast and the only bad part was when I was coming down beacuse I liked the trip so much. But this time I began tripping and I automaticaly knew I was gonna have a bad trip. I think I was scared to trip again because of a bad experience I had the last time after i smoked marijuana. After about 45 minutes into it I got up beacuse I felt sick. I looked for food and all of a sudden felt faint and then i puked all over. I began to get scared and nervous. I watched my friends and they were all tripping like I had the other times, but I had a paranoia where I could not stop being scared. My boyfriend told me that after puking you trip even harder and that made me even more scared. this was hte highest dosage I had ever taken, and with the most people. The wierd thing was that I had not been feeling depressed at all untill they kicked in. AFter puking I began to feel better and calm down. I had to talk myself out of being scared. I don't know what happened but now I feel sad and have cried off and on all day. I don't think I'll ever trip again.

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