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My 1st trip off anything

It was about 9pm and me and my buddies came back from shrooming somewhere in Central Florida.

It was about 9pm and me and my buddies came back from shrooming somewhere in Central Florida.

We got at least 2 gallon bags full of cubensis and we were only on our bikes.
We went to a friends house to make some shroom tea (which was delicious) that we made out of crystal light and like 30 tea packets. By the time we are boiling the shrooms its like 10:30pm which gave me a paranoid feeling. But I didn't really care. I was mentally prepared for the 1st trip of my life and suddenly a bunch of older people show up. The tea is done but me and my friends only drink a large party cup full. 30 minutes later i think to my self "Am i trippin"? But no. About 15 minutes after that we go into the kids room to smoke a chronic blunt and i start feeling sick so I lay down. We smoke the blunt and by the time they pack some bowls I'm feeling too sick to get up and hit the bong so I lay there looking at a Bob Marley poster. Suddenly Marley starts to move like a video on mute. I was listening to Tech N9ne and it was scaring me for some reason. We went to the kids back porch and stared at a huge tree. My friends were trippin off it but i was feeling sick again. I got up gagging and i ran but i never puked. Once i got up i felt like i was at least 8 feet tall and I'm only 5'6. I started walking towards them and it felt i was hauling ass so i started smiling and started laughing and couldn't stop. We left the house because the parents kicked us out. Nobody felt like giving us kids a ride home so everybody left and we were stuck riding our bikes (no problem) we were only about 20 miles from home and it was raining. I started to panic but i felt as if i could control everything that happens in my mind, like i had a switch from tripping to not tripping, its hard to explain.As we were leaving the kids house we slowly rode our bikes away and all i could hear were hoof beats, i was like o shit a horse but it was the kid from the house we made the tea at and he was hauling ass and he attacked one of our friends and we didn't see him until like 4 hours later. We were riding our bikes down the street and i start yelling because it felt real good to yell and laugh, so i pretty much looked like a psycho riding a bike. We stopped at McDonald's and as i walked inside i started cracking up, i couldn't stop laughing. I had 2 double cheeseburgers even tho i was not hungry. The only thing I could taste was the god damn pickles. I hate pickles. As i was eating i was talking and all the food fell out of my mouth (i didn't care). Riding our bikes with only our socks wet. I saw this girl i knew and she came up to me reeeeal close. Way to close and her face was dissforming, it was crazy. We still had a bottle of tea left.But we dropped it and some spilled. My friend freaked out and said "Something bad is gonna happen". Thing is we got ripped of by some fucking wiggers. He was right. But anyways. We were riding around and we came across a sidewalk that was full of water and it looked like someone layed a 200 ft mirror on the sidewalk and as we rode over it the "glass" (as we called the sidewalk) was melting and separating. I wanted to ride over it again but we didn't.Every 5 minutes my friend kept yelling "I need socks" and every time i laughed the same way, i didn't want to but i felt like i had to.It was like 12am by now and I'm still riding my bike not tired at all i felt like i could ride to the moon and back (if there was a road to the moon and back). We stopped at another friends house and he wouldn't give us some god damn sock. Fine whatever.Kept riding and went to another girls house and she lent us some socks. I was happy and so where my feet, yes my feet had feelings at this moment. We started playing with her cat and rabbit which felt like nothing Ive ever felt. Everything i felt was so different. We went into the girls room and she turned on the strobe light. HOLY SHIT! You all have to definitely turn on a strobe light while tripping in a pitch black room. Our friend that got attacked came to this house i don't know how. We smoked a bowl of kript real quick but i didn't feel a difference. The rest of the trip was me getting home tripping balls laughing my ass off.And I also looked at the stars and the middle star kept still and every other other star was spinning around it.

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