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My 1st trip at Schwagstock

This trip report takes place at Schwagstock.

This trip report takes place at Schwagstock. We have been asked to clarify that Schwagstock policy forbids illicit drug use or sales. Enforcement is carried out by private security. Please refer to the following links for more information:

Ok this was my first trip and i dont really know what level it was but it was crazy, its gonna be long sorry. It all started this weekend when i went to Schwagstock, its this big greatful dead tribute, lots of concerts. Well me and my friend J decided to buy some shrooms there (everyone is selling drugs there), so we did.

We brought the shrooms back to his tent and split them all up and ate them. It was his first time trippin to so we didnt know how long it was gonna take to kick in so we went down to Shakedown Street (where everyone sells stuff) and listened to people play guitar for a little. I decided to look for some weed, this girl told me she had some and told me to follow her to her campsite so i did. It was about a 5 min walk and i started to feel stoned. When i got the weed i started walking back to where my friend was. When i got there i asked him if he was feeling anything yet and he said yeah I cant stop smiling. That made me laugh then i couldnt stop smiling either. We went back to his tent and then it really started to kick in...

When we got in his tent we started telling his girlfriend what we was seeing. I was seeing designs all over the walls and they was changing colors. J's face was morphing into different shapes and stuff and he started mumbling about something over there that i couldnt understand, that made me laugh big time. I felt like a little kid because he said lets go on an adventure because i wanna talk to someone "real". So i said ok lets go, we got outside the tent and he got the lantern. He was trying to walk and all he was doing was running around in circles right outside his tent. He decided to get his guitar and play some songs lol. So i sat there in my chair looking at the stars while he was singing somthing like "Trippin on Shrooms, Trippin on Shrooms" for awhile. I was looking at the stars and they were swirling around and flying around everywhere.

We decided to smoke some weed...very bad idea...after smoking some he wanted to get in the car and drive i said lets get in the car but not drive, he agreed to that so we got in and he still had his lantern he was messing with it in the car and he kept honking the horn with it and mumbling. Then i really started to see things. He looked at me and started to say something i couldnt understand and all his teeth fell out LMFAO. It wasnt real but it scared the shit out of me. He turned his light off and i could still see his face a little and his face started to get hairy like that guy of star wars i think.

I got out of the car and he followed me, his face wasnt hairy anymore. J got his guitar and walked down to Shakedown Street to play with this guy he met earlier that day. I didnt follow i decided it would be cool to get in my tent and see the designs.

After being in the tent a little bit i started to feel very bad. The weed just hit me and it was some weird fucking weed. I was lieing down and my heart felt like it was beating really fast, it was hurting too but my chest hurts sometimes so that really didnt bother me. The really bad part was i kept imagining forks scraping my heart and poking it.

Then someone beside my tent started playing some fucking crazy music that made me imagin some evil stuff. I kept hearing people saying stuff backwords in my head. And when i closed my eyes i seen my name and little moving words in the background that said satin on it. Then my head really started to hurt and i sat up and moved my head sideways to see if it would make it feel better and i heard something like water drop. I thought blood was running out of my eyes and then i kept seeing my face on the tent walls with black eyes and a white face. I really thought i was dieing. I put my head under the covers so that music would stop and i opened my eyes under there and i seen these purple lights everywhere and my face was in there too. I held the top of my head and it felt like it was moving into different shapes.

I looked at the tent floor and it looked like water.
I got out of the tent and sat by the fire to try to calm myself down but the heat made me thing my head was gonna explode. When i talked or i heard someone else talked it sounded like i was in a bucket lol. I looked up at the sky again and it looked like whales swimming around in the sky. I smoked a cig and that made me calm down big time.

I just sat there untill my friend got back and he went to bed saying this was the best time of his life.

It was getting light outside so i decided to go to bed too.

Its very hard to explain something like this. I had to leave out a bunch of stuff because i cant explain it.
I think this was a bad trip because i smoked weed with it because my second trip was the best time of my life and i didnt smoke any weed with it.

Thank you for reading this lol if you got this far.

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