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backyard fun

It was my first trip, i was tripping with a friend at another friends house where a bunch of people were drinking and smoking.

It was my first trip, i was tripping with a friend at another friends house where a bunch of people were drinking and smoking. I ate about 1.5 grams of cubensis (i think) in chocolate. Maybe about half an hour after i ate the shrooms i started asking myself if i felt anything, almost everyone who was there had done them before and kept asking me how i felt. i kept saying normal, cause i felt normal. i started to think that maybe they werent working or maybe i didnt eat enough. frusterated, i went downstairs and out into the backyard.

this is where i first noticed that things were not usual. i lit up a cigarette and looked all around the yard. although i had been in that backyard many many times, i started looking around. there was a white picket fence, a garage with gardening tools and a wheelbarrow, a tree with flowers, a white house with red shutters and a chimney. the grass was very green, and the sky was very blue. i laughed because i realized that this was the perfect day and i was at the american dreamhouse. i laughed at this for a very long time.

eventually, more people came out with me and i finished my first and lit a second cigarette. i loved the warm feeling when i inhaled and the smoke was very pretty when it swirled. i loved the smoke. i smoked a lot, and made a pyramid on the picnic table. i told my friend whose house it was that he lived in a dream house and that i had an appointment in the bathroom. i laughed and stood up, but i tripped on the leg of the picnic table and fell in the grass.

the grass was very soft, so i rubbed my face on it, and layed in it looking up at the sky. there were no clouds. it was very very blue, and i didnt want to look away. i felt like i was being sucked into a vortex, but i enjoyed it.

i got up to go to the bathroom. when i was in the bathroom, i thought the tiles were funny. they seemed like they had goofy personalities.

i went to talk to the friend i was tripping with, he was eating pizza with a very very long knife. i said, "CHRIS!! your knife is HUGGEEE!!!" he and i both laughed really hard for a very long time.

i went back downstairs and outside. by now, things were more or less tapering off. i turned to the house, and thanked it for being the american dream. i looked to the sky and thanked it for being so blue. i thanked the grass for being so green. and thanked myself for a mild, but good first trip.

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