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Mushrooms were emotionally healing!

My friend who is an experienced mushroom user gave me 2 grams of gold caps and blue meanies (I am in Australia).

My friend who is an experienced mushroom user gave me 2 grams of gold caps and blue meanies (I am in Australia). It looked like an awful lot but she reassured me that 2 grams would be fine for my first time.

I had heard that they taste horrible so I didn’t want to even try to eat them for fear I'd hate the taste so much and not bother giving them a go. I know now that they don't taste too bad especially if you munch them with some chocolate!

Anyway, I spent a good length of time chopping them up and shoving them into 7 capsules and swallowed the lot with plenty of water and then I sat back waiting for the effects!

About 15 minutes later I started to notice the bookcase in the far corner of my friends room was a bit wobbly. Kind of the slight watery effects you get when you're tripping on acid. Things slowly got more intense and it was a bit like my first acid experience only it was becoming more intense as time went on. I began to notice colours... like coloured lines, forming around all objects in the room.

Before things got too intense I went to the bathroom. My friends bathroom already had trippy fractical patterns on his walls and floor, so I had to be quick! As I felt myself melting and seeing fractal images and everything was breathing, I felt like I was about to melt into a puddle in the bathroom!

I managed to come out of there quickly and I lay down on the fold out bed and stared at the ceiling, I started to see layers forming one over the other, and the fixture around the light on the ceiling started to get wonderful breathing, swaying, bouncing fractal images which I now think were mushroom shapes dancing with images of teddy bears in pyjamas. Everything seemed so happy and lively and positive. It just made me smile, and chuckle.

Everybody around me seemed to be watching me, some of them started to have auras forming around them. Most them had a blue haze, like a glow around them. Some of them had sort of coloured splotches on them, again in the colour blue. It seemed some of my friends were making faces at me, I thought I was imagining this but they told me later they were doing it deliberately to tease me.

One of my friends had one of those Koosh balls, a ball shaped thing with long rubbery fingers that he kept putting in my hands, asking me to describe how it felt, but I could hardly speak!

As things kept on breathing and becoming more intense, I remember people were constantly asking my friend (who gave me the shrooms) if I was ok. But because she was so experienced she said she could see in my eyes EXACTLY what I was going through and told them I was in Mushie Heaven. Was she ever so right! She stayed by me the whole time.

My next step in my experience started to get a bit overwhelming! My friend's boyfriend came walking into the room looking so ill. I could see his eyes looked sunken in and I could almost see he was silently crying out to my friend for support. He had been going through a very rough time. My ex boyfriend was in the room too, and he sat to one side, seeming to ignore me (we had broken up maybe 2 months before this recovery party we were all at)

My friend could see by now that I was a river of emotions, I think my eyes must have been racing around the room taking in everything around me, and she told me to just let go. To let go of any emotions I have bottled up. So, it was as if I took a deep breath and sighed and it all came out! I suddenly just found my eyes were like a tap that had been turned on and tears started flowing EVER SO STRONGLY! I slid underneath my dressing gown I had around me (as I had chills from the shrooms) and started to cry. I’ve NEVER EVER cried so much in my ENTIRE life. My face was streaming with tears, my eyes completely flooded. I honestly do not recall EVER having so many tears coming out at once! I don't think everybody realized that I was crying, except I remember hearing a few people ask again if I was OK since I had spent a lot of time underneath my dressing gown!

Again my friend just peeked underneath the dressing gown, saw me crying and said I was ok. The strange thing is, whilst I was crying I wasn't entirely sad. When I cried, I pictured myself standing in front of my ex boyfriend and saying that I understand I had to let him go, and it was like I was saying goodbye to him forever. I visioned him crying too saying goodbye. As my tears kept coming out they were washing away any emotions I had left bottled up inside me, so my tears finished off being ones of freedom and joy. The mushrooms seemed to cleanse me emotionally, whilst I had been finding it hard to FULLY let go of my ex before, after going through this experience on the mushrooms I felt I was well and truly 100% over him! And that I could face him and speak to him as a friend again without any hurt of having lost him as a boyfriend.

I managed to pick myself up and come back out from my dressing gown. But the moment I looked at all my friends I felt like yelling out to them that I love them, and as I tried to say it, I choked up with tears again!

This time I cried only for a short time. I remained lying on the fold out bed for a while, as my hallucinations started to slow down a bit. Once things were much better, my friend gave me some meth to pick me up a bit and I spent the rest of the day helping a guy who was also given some mushrooms but had a bad experience (and I couldn't help him through it when I was tripping my head off).

When some of our friends left the party, the mushrooms were still kicking in my body because I kept sensing they were still in the room. I would CONSTANTLY look to my left because I was CERTAIN they were still sitting in the same spot when they were there.

My first experience was rather intense, I have never had that many again, although I have had mushies on a few occasions since, my doses have been half and those times I experience very nice hallucinations and closeness with people.

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