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Mushrooms vs. Datura

It was a fine Tuesday after school, when me and T went hunting for Datura down by the river, with no avail.

It was a fine Tuesday after school, when me and T went hunting for Datura down by the river, with no avail. I then bought an eighth of mushrooms rumoured to be quite potent. We then walked to S's apt and began smoking ground Datura seeds which he had in his posession. We all got a somewhat nitrous-like buzz from it, which was greatly enhanced when we smoked a bowl.

I began walking home early, at about 9:00 pm. I ate what I thought was a little under a gram of mushrooms. On the way home, I felt lightly high, but definitely wanted a more intense [body] high for the amount ingested. At 10:20, I began boiling water, and let my 2 and 1/2 grams of powdered psilocybe cubensis float in the hot liquid for five minutes. I then added an ice cube to cool the tea, and drank it down, adding some lime soda to the cup to help get out all the crumbs.

Within about ten minutes or so I was feeling high. I was getting lots of peripheral visual content, but little to speak of (noone who has dropped 1000 mcg. of LSD would call these visions). I would compare the state I was in to that of one clean tab of LSD. I then went upstairs and listened to some music to help enhance my state. At about 11:30, I went and watched TV. I remember seeing politically incorrect come on at about 12:00, but I don't rememeber much after that. I think I may have just zoned out for an hour or two in the dark, because I came to an hour or two later, to find myself staring at test patterns on my TV. At first I thought it was a TV show, but then realized that I was imagining shit. I ended up getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep that night, and was dissatisfied with my mushrooms in general. I no longer do any less than about 14 or 15 grams.

The datura didn't seem to influence the trip too much, but like I thought I was watching a TV show when it was only test patterns, I did get dulusions if nothing else. The datura was kind of like taking five tablets of Gravol [Dramamine], for a mild delirium-type state.

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