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Mushroom fun at Schwagstock

If you have not heard of Schwagstock u need to check it out.

If you have not heard of Schwagstock u need to check it out. (Even though it is quickly changing from hippies with crazy shrooms and dank weed to "ravers")

so i ate a quarter bag of shrooms as the sun went down over Bagnel Dam in the Lake of the Ozarks. me and 3 of my friends then went to watch the Schwag concert. Thats when it hit me. an huge fire was lit to my left and a concert was going on in front of me. the fire was brighter than any i've ever seen the flames looked like they were dancing to the music. the texture is what i remember the most that fire was doing things that fires are not supposed to do it looked like i could see every color perfectly i must have been sitting there smoking bud with my friends staring at the fire for a good hour before i noticed all the people around. every person that walked by me looked like they were animated like that toy story movie, I mean every person too, and they didnt end it was a nonstop fashion show of perfectly textured and colored people. i remembre thinking it could not get any better than this. but i was wrong. we then left the concert and walked back to our camp site. the whole time smoking dank dank nugget. the walk back i will probably never forget. we walked on a gravel road as cars drove behind us the headlights would light up the gravel around us it looked like crystals flashing everywhere on the ground. the visuals were intense, and the sound of the cars creeping up behind us was echoing and distorted. my friend said look at the trees and i said LOOK AT EVERYTHING! we all laughed and that is the only thing i remember saying the whole trip i was to amazed by natures beauty to even speak. we wonderd for a while and got back to our camp site. all i looked at was the trees and grass i could see every little blade of intensly green grass. i could see dew resting on the grass and the trees began to grow directly out of the earth right before my eyes. they would just explode out of the earth and shoot up toward the sky. damn nature is fucking cool. time did not exist, pain and sadness did not exist, it was only euhphoria every thought was good
i only wish evreyone could expierence the feelings i had. the world would definately be more peaceful if people would have a trip like i had that night. it made me relize, there is no need for hatred no need for evilness no need for any harm of other human beings. why doesn't anyone relize this? i only wish it could happen
i have never looked at the world the same since that day and i can only thank MUSHROOMS.

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