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Mumble Jumble Mountain

My friend and I had been looking for shroomsfor awhile and for the most part had been unsucessful in attaining them.

My friend and I had been looking for shroomsfor awhile and for the most part had been unsucessful in attaining them. I had tripped twice before, both times with the same friend as well as another friend. But this time it was just me and him. We finally got a quater after much time spent searching, and were in definate need to take the mushrooms. After recieveing them from a friend, we excitingly went home and prepared a list for our trip.

Our plan was fairlu simple, we wanted trip at night, and we wanted to trip in nature. Now where we live there are hills behind our houses which are about an hour hike up, so maybe more like small mountains. We prepared everything, warm clothes, flashlights, trip toys, etc. We had gathered everything and were ready to set off. So we took our backpacks and my dog and set up the hill/mountain and began our journey.

On the way up I was fairly apprehensive about taking the shrooms. I wasn't sure whether I was going to have a bad trip or not, because I had never tripped at night before, and never this isolated. As we walked up the trail the tress looked dark and ominous and I felt this was a bad sign, but reassured myself it was going to be alright. So after about an hour or so we had reached the summit. We set up camp and enjoyed the awesome view. From where we were we could see the entire city, a vast sprawling city spreading across the horizon. We sat down on our sleeping bags, looked at eachother and pulled out our two eighths (split up for each of us). My friend quickly grubbed his down as fast as he could, and I quickly followed eating excitedly. By the time I began eating them a sense of security came over me and I was no longer worried anymore. So we ate the shrooms and chased them with some Sunny Delight, and waited.

About 15 minutes passed and I felt like a cigg, so my friend and I enjoyed a cigg. I remember trying to light it and all of a sudden I began laughing and my friend did also. But we got the ciggs lit and enjoyed them throughly. That when things started to pick up. We began wondering when the trip was going to come on, and slowly but surely it happened. It began with us laughing and acting a drunken matter. I began to have trouble finishing sentences I would have a thought and try to express it, but started to stutter and my friend and I would laugh at my bumbling. As time went on we started tripping harder. We gazed at the city lights in amazment and thought they looked like clouds floating over our little neighborhood. I began to walk around in circles mumbling too myself while my friend laughed at me in confusion. I remember looking through the dead bushes and seeing them sway and flow like a river aorund the lights. It was now an hour into the trip and this is when it got the most intense.

My friend and I began to babble incoherntly to eachother, and laughing at almost everything. We watched my dog roam through the bushes and we thought she was looked like a black slug going in and out of our vision. Again we laughed amused at this notion. By this point we had had a number of ciggs, and kept smoking more because it was so enjoyable. We began to run around and grab stick and we would have fights with the bushes. I at one time thought I was in BraveHeart and the bushes were the English and I the Scotish, and I would charge at them with my beating stick, and run into them and laugh, and then run back, and then run into them again. Both my friend and I found this to be hysterical. I then tryed to listen to some music and was successful for ahwile. The sounds reverberating through my mind surrounding me, and making my whole body part of the sound. I would try and get into it but my friend would say he wanted a "hit" of the music also, so I would give him the CD player.We then played the music so it was on full volume and we could hear it like a shitty radio through his headphones. We began to dance around laughing all the time, and I would talk incessently, never shutting up, but we both danced foolishly, and ran around, again. About an hour and half had gone by and I suddenly had the realization that I had been talking about meaningless shit for almost the entire time. My friend was laughing at everything and drooling on his pad, and I was walking around yelling at trees and telling my dog to go to bed.

About 2 hours into the trip my friend was sitting by the fire and smoke was just billowing into his face and he sat there bewildered by the fire as he stared at it with his "magic" goggles. These goggles were the ones that make rainbows come out of lights. So I pointed this out to him and he began laughing and so did I and after that we had another notion. We decided we were going to tackle the bushes, so we ran and jumped into thick brush and laughed hysterically as we were held up by the bushes which slowly yielded and collasped with our laughing bodies on top. I had trouble getting out of the bush as it seemed intricate like a web, but eventually made my way out. After this we sta by the fire and stared into the coals, until about a half an hour later, we both said, "I am not trippin any more." This seemed like a major downer, so out of the blue at about 1 in the morning I said I was cold and wanted a bed. So I packed up while my friend stared dumbfoundly into the fire. We then walked down and made it back to the house.

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