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mullum 1st timers

OK so I have this friend, he's a little wierd, a little out there, maybe a little crazy.

OK so I have this friend, he's a little wierd, a little out there, maybe a little crazy. One day me and him and a few other guys are chillin at a friends house and he's just come out with the idea of taking some mushrooms...
So everyone's like Ok, we've never done that before, some of us were probably just curious to know what they looked like for future reference. Anyway my friend lived right near a cow paddock (we later discovered this is the most mushroom friendly field in the area) so we jump the fence and start combing the paddocks, searching for any kind of mushrooms at first... a few were rejected early on... then suddenly my friend yells out " Hey I found some!"
we all run over excitedly and see around 5 caps growing in a circle around some cow dung... my friend picks one and starts going over the features of these "goldtops" as we called them. we all know what to look for now so we continue searching with renewed vigour.
Around an hour later or so we arrive back at my friends house with a shopping bag full of about 40 "goldtops" rangeing from about 4 to 10cm across the cap.
Although my friend who suggested this outing liked to think of himself as a bit of an expert we later assumed differently after he exclaimed that we just eat them raw and whole. YUCK!!! (nowadays we boil them in water and add the water to choccy milk)
Anyway most of us had around 4 to 6 shrooms. our "guide" had around 11 to prove to the rest of us that you could consume many more without poisoning yourself.
Now the sun was sinking slowly over the horizon and we were all laying on my friends driveway, undecided yet, whether we were brave, stupid, or a little of both. we feel slightly queazy for a time, then suddenly my friends driveway, which starts flat, slopes down, then goes flat again (about 5m long) starts to honestly resemble a wave at the beach... suddenly its "surfs-up!" on my friends driveway and we all enjoy some wave riding action...
Then we suddenly feel kinda silly and lie back down. we look up at the sky and the clouds start to resemble the most obscure things you could think of, and everythings beautiful. The pinks of the clouds, the reds of the skies, the soft glow of the sun from behind the mountains in the west. We lay outside til it gets dark, soaking up the beauty of it all.
My friend whose house we are at has an epiphony "wow..." he say's " everything is ... everything " "yehs" agrees our "guide" in a slightly mocking but kindhearted fashion. We decide to hightail it inside because the people across the road seem to be looking at us strangely.
We sit in my friends garage/bedroom (his parents were away for a while) and we look at the bricks on his walls.. and the horizontal lines on the garage rollerdoor... these repetative patterns seem to bulge out at us and we feel as if we were in a breathing room.
Then some girls rock up... one was kinda ok but the other one was kinda ugly... she kept hitting on my friends (we found out later that they had heard about our little adventure - from who we dont know) they were both on ecstacy and wanted to touch us etc. this was fine except my friend whos house it was, was trying to get out of (or into) a jumper at one stage and the girl who was (for want of a better word) less good looking kept trying to help him and he's crying out everytime she tries to help and she thinks he wants more help... this goes on for a while until our "guide" tells her to go away in not so nice words.
Around this time I need to go take a leak so I head to the bathroom . the trip doesnt seem to be very different for me... yet.
I unzip my fly and let loose. but looking down, my legs seem to be swaying like tree branches but mirrored. the right one would sway to the right, and the left one to the left. Then they would sway back towards each other. This amused me greatly for some time until something caught my eye on the toilet roll dispenser. It was a small block of cadbury chocolate still wrapped in the purple wrapper with the foil and all... (it was just one of those small piece sized blocks) I immediately thought.. no, I knew, that it had been placed there by our "guide" specifically for the purpose of tripping one of us out.. it did, but only for a short time because I ate it.
Then I went to the sink to wash my hands. I did this, and looked up in the mirror for a big shock. somehow my face wasn't my face anymore... what I mean is, it still looked like my face but I didnt recognise it as my face. it seemed very alien to me and suddenly I didnt know which way was up... I ran blindly back through the house, pausing my thoughts on the potential to get some weed for a brew but realizing the town was dry (summertime blues) I decided byron bay was a viable option, what with it being just around the corner and all... (its actually around 12 kilometers or 8 miles away).
I tell the young guy in our little gathering about my plans and he tells my that it's too far away. I'm a bit bummed of course but get over it soon when the kitchen fills up with bugs it seems and this guy starts saying "I'm a bug" over and over and starts skuttling around the floor.
We all appreciate the comic distraction until our guide cranks up van morrison from the bedroom. we all run in there and start chilling again... a few songs go buy and we get to "days like this" and seriously, van sings "all the parts of the puZzle seem to look like they fit" and I'm thinking about the puzzle fitting together and there's a knock at the garage door.
Initially there is pandemonium "is it the cops?" asks someone to someone else equally in the dark... but our guide casually sidles up to the door, pulls it up and open, and standing outside is a friend from byron who had just coincidently hitched over this very night (we hadnt seen him for months) and just coincidently has weed, which we all smoke and feel much more "down and normal" was one persons feeling. the rest of the night seemed much more cuizy compared to that initial perion of around 3 hours which seemed like only half of one.
The End.

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