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movin shroomin

OK~So this past tuesday, November 1st.

OK~So this past tuesday, November 1st...I ate shrooms for the first time. I am an every day pot smoker, but have never tripped before this. I ate a 1/2 eith, because I wanted a moderate dosage for my first time. My friend Brent ate the same ammount I did,and my buddy Zach ate an eith for his 2nd time. Brent drove all of us to a friends house, about a 15 minute drive and we arrived there about 30 minutes after eating the shrooms. When we got there,I decided to take some Vicodin to really mellow me out and add onto my high. after that, we started smoking pot. We smoked a blunt and 3 bowls ok some good KB. We planned to stay at his house for about 6 hours, to avoid our parents and we all turned off our cell phones. I was the first to start tripping, about 45 minutes after I ate them, and right after i popped my vicodin and smoked some pot. We boxed ourselves in a room so that we wouldnt leave and do stupid shit. Anywayz, the room started getting smaller and it started to spin. I was sitting on the couch but decided to go stand on the other side of the room and I felt like the people I was watching were cartoons, they looked very animated. So my friends brent and zach started tripping too so we all just sat around and chilled as we were tripping. I started to meditate and I felt as if my body had turned into a dim red light and I saw some really trippy 3D spiral things spinning when I closed my eyes. My body got very numb and I decided to open up my eyes, and the things i was seeing with my eyes closed were reappearing when i opened them. We were at my friend michaels house, and he was the one "taking care" of us as we were tripping. I moved around some more and sat in a corner with my hood on. I was completely silent,didnt speak or move an inch for about 3 hours, as so i have been told.lol. So about this time , Michael got all pissed off that we didnt get him shrooms and he started getting mad at me and my other friends, while we were peaking. So we all left and went to go chill outside and look at the stars, at this time..the stars started moving around slowly but surely, every one of them moved to a completely different place. My trip lasted about 4 hours, I was hoping for longer but I only ate a 1/2 eith. When my trip was over, I felt very smart, like I figured out everything about everything while I was tripping. I have also been a very quiet person since the experience a few days ago. I cannot wait to do it again. REMEMBER THIS~~~if someone that is not tripping, starts to flip out and get mad...try your best to just walk away and go somewhere else where they cannot bother or interrupt your trip, and eat shrooms wisely. Good luck...~Peace.

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