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Awesome Initiation

My first trip.

My first trip. What a way to start. I had smoked a little of the royal herb before and am now a fan of all that is organic, but I absolutely love shrooms. I don’t trust acid or any other chemical drugs. Mother nature has been doing this a while and I trust her; she knows what’s up. So after a little reading of trip reports on this page, my best friend and I decided to take the plunge. We ended up getting a bag with 8 caps and some stems. I don’t know how many grams we took really; we were told to try out two caps a piece for a good beginner’s buzz. We ended up taking the whole thing, 4 caps a piece. We sat there for a while, what seemed like a long while, and waited for the shit to go own while watching Austin Powers. All of the sudden we were laughing our asses off! Now, when he and I get together and smoke out we usually end up laughing maddly about nothing funny and having a great time, so we were not impressed. Could we have underdosed we thought? No way this is all that happens. Damn strait "no way". As I was rolling on the floor in laughter I looked up and noticed that the ceiling was breathing. I just stopped and stared for an eternity. It was the most fascinating thing in the world to me right then. I finally noticed that my friend had stopped laughing as well. I looked over at him and saw that he was transfixed on a potted plant across the room. I asked him what he was doing and he shouted "that tree is fu**in moving dude!" It was the funniest thing I had ever heard and I was sent into laughter again. In the next thirty minutes we did all kinds of cool stuff to fully enjoy our state, i.e. I stood on a rug in the living room and envisioned myself flying, and we watched the Busta Rhymes video for Dangerous (a must see). By this time the shrooms had taken full effect. Walls and paintings were pulsating. I went to the restroom and was captured by my reflection in the mirror for a while, watching it morph into the face of a zombie. It didn’t scare me because I remembered that it wasn’t real and that I was high. I’m not sure what all my friend was experiencing in his head, but I was on one hell of a trip! I could close my eyes and a whole new world would appear. It was late and since closing my eyes gave me the coolest effect, I suggested we go to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes I entered my little world. I could actually feel what was around me in the place as well as hear things. It was kinda like something out of Star Wars. There were things flying all around me and structures that were very ‘futuristic’ I guess. It is hard to explain. I myself was flying too , but at a slower rate. Whenever the other flying things passes me I not only heard them, but I could feel their wake. My ear buzzed with their sound and I felt air on my cheek. It was like dreaming in interactive urround sound! When I had closed my eyes I noticed that the clock said 3:28. When finally I opened my eyes and returned to reality, the clock still said 3:28! I had perienced all this in a matter of seconds. I am going for a higher dose next time and I will write about it afterward. Hopefully I will get to level 3 or 4 this time!

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