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Most intense trip yet

This was my second time.

This was my second time. I was with 3 other friends and we all took some shroomz at one of their houses. I took 2.5 grams and I tripped pretty hard for such a small amount.
First when sat on top of the water processing plant and smoked some weed and then we took a sled like thing and when sledding down a hill. After a bit the shrooms kicked it, and at first the sky's gradient looked cool. Then eventually everything was morphing. I kept on saying stuff too loud and my friends were telling to shut the fuck up or they would kick my ass... apparently they did afterwards but I don't remember.
Then we went in a store and for some reason it seemed tiny in there. It felt like i was walking through some really thin tunnel, and that both my shoulders were pressed to the wall. Because of this I was knocking stuff off the shelves. I ended up buying something called Munchies...
I turned on my mp3 player and listenend to some tool, and everything kinda bounced or moved with the music, especially on bass sounds. For some reason I was always chewing on stuff, like my sleeve and my lip, and even my headphones. I later realized that my sleeves had actually frozen solid.
We went into the forest and somehow I had the feeling I was in a painting. One of my friends hid from me in the woods then ran out and tackled me... I screamed like a girl... We climbed up a muddy hill but I was tripping so hard I couldn't get up. My friends told me that I looked like an injured animal.
I looked at a hill but couldn't tell how far it was, and it looked like the ground ended at some point, and the background was made by a painting on a flat surface. I looked at some mansions and to me they seemed like normal houses, or smaller, I wasn't really sure.
During the whole trip I might have felt some ego death. I felt that everything that lived was simply matter and energy, so when you died, it ends there, no afterlife, no heaven or hell.
We eventually walked back to my friends house and watched T.V. There was a tie dye like pattern on the ceiling and it was moving and changing colour. There was a alien doll on the wall, and it would always turn it's head and look at me, eventually it said sup, though its lips didn't move, and I said sup back.
Then I tried to go to sleep. But when I closed my eyes I saw scary stuff, especially this one monster that looked like a white gremlin with it's chin bubbling. Then I imagined there were rattlesnakes all over me, but I wasn't scared. I heard my friend listening to his discman while he was sleeping, so I reached for my Mp3 player and then I saw a rattlesnake on the table, looking at my hand, but it didn't seem hostile. So then I went to bed listening to Tool. I eventually had to go pee, so I did, but when I looked in the mirror, my pupils where getting bigger and smaller, though both pupils were not moving at the same time, they were independent of eachother in the way and speed that they got bigger and smaller. I'm not sure if my pupils were actually changing sizes, or that was a hallucination.
When I woke up, (that is, if I ever actually slept). My pants were soaked and so was my hoodie. They also were covered in mud. I guess the shrooms took away the pain from the cold. I then found out that I had frostbite in all my fingers and toes. Good thing someone gave me his coat the night before or else the frostbite would have been worse.
Since this trip I got the name mushroom man, cause apparently I'm insane when I'm on em.
The odd thing about the whole trip was that I had taken less than my friends, but I was tripping alot harder. They said it's just that my mind plays with it more so I get more visuals and stuff. (By the way, I freaked out when I saw the cops, cause if they ever pulled up next to me, they would have known in a second that i was on drugs.)

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