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monkey humpers

my trip took place last week it was my second trip but first good one .

my trip took place last week it was my second trip but first good one .since my first trip was a horrible experience(don't do 'em at school)i decided to try again.i got about 1 eigth.i waited till after school and ran down to the mall bought a hamburger at Mcdonald's and stuffed itr full of shrooms.luckily alot of friends were hangin out there so before i met up with my man squirl(like the animal squirel) i was with some one.when i met up with him finally 30 minutes after i ate the shrooms (i timed it all out perfectly)i was just getting the body high. when i started seeing tracers we went to a store called spencers. for those of you who have never seen or heard of spencers its a party shop with all sorts of lights and moving things. after a while all of my friends got bored and we went behind the mall where i moved strangely and watched the brick walls move.i was seeing heavy tracers and i felt like i was melting into my friend aj(girl yo) who was letting me lean back on her.then out of nowhere came mall security. OH FUCK!!was my instant reaction but i stayed cool and after he gave us the speech about no loitering and crap we went inside where i was moving around drunkinly.not too noticibly however after a while i lost track of everything and the next thing i knew i was on my way to what was my future girlfriends house.kickin yo !!while i was in the ar i had to fuckin try hard not to act fucked up.as soon as we got to her house we went straight for her room where i sat and watched all the neato colors my friends decided to go for a walk. this was a bad idea even though noone knew it. my body started to give out and i needed help to walk then my head started to freak out it was moving eveywhere and i had no control whatsoever.then they decided to light firecrackers.another bad idea they started to fuck with my brain and all of a sudden my body was freakin out evenrtually we got back to my g/f's place where i drank milk and came down almost instantly. ADVICE: make sure you NEVER take more than your body can handle build yourself up SLOWLY thanx fore listening =)~

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