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Moments of eternity

Went out into the wild and found myself some shrooms that I was able to identiy as P.

Went out into the wild and found myself some shrooms that I was able to identiy as P. Semilanceata. I had only tried shrooms once before and that was nearly 4 years ago and wasn't much of a trip so I was looking forward to this. I downed about 40 of them in the morning. I was alone for the day, which ok with me. Not too long after I had taken them I started notice the effects coming on. I started laughing spontaneously here and there and when I lit up a cigarette it felt as though it were bending in between my fingers. I decided to look into the mirror and it was as if my reflection, and when I moved my mouth open or closed it seemed as though, in the reflection, it was moving slower and more exasperatedly than what it realy was. The patterns on the wall started to come outwards and shimmering and moving as though alive. The rest is hard to recall but it seemed that I had entered this sort of chaotic state where everything just seemed to lose meaning. It was so strange, it was like a whole other state of being. As well while this was occuring it literally seemed to me as if it were eternity, and I was awaiting to return to normal, after a while it got to where I started freaking out a little cause I seriously lost touch with the real world. It was like so weird. During those moments it was like everything from the physical outside world began to melt together. People and voices, words can't really easily describe it. Yet I know that this is some powerful stuff. I plan to attempt again eventually yet next time I shall be prepared in a way to better utilize the experience.

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