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mojitos,beer DMT and 2c-e (sounds fun dont it)

Well the night started off fiarly normal me and my ma ,chillin, drinkinn beer and smoking when my boy ryan called.

Well the night started off fiarly normal me and my ma ,chillin, drinkinn beer and smoking when my boy ryan called. i picked up a twelve pack on the way over to his house .when i arrivedi found my friend gabe, stumbling around ryans apartment in a drunken stupor .it turns out they have been drinking mojitos for the past several hours. ryan offers me one and being a good host asks if i would like to partake in some 2c-e.i thought about it for a minute and figured that i didnt have to do anything for the next few days .so he procedes to spike our mojitos with this shit (meanwhile gabe is jabbering on about how long its been since he last trippedand how he cant believe his about to do it agian .).the mojitos went down the hatch and then we started on the beer .about tweenty minutes pass and we are all pretty drunk by this point when i ask ryan if he has a pipe(he doesnt smoke pot but i thought someone may have left one at his crib).he says he does but its his DMT pipe and there is probably some left in it. I got pretty excited and told him that it was no problem at all .i packed the pipe up sparked and lift off .off into lala land the funny thing with DMT and me is that i rarely remember the trip in its intirerty,its alwaays lust little bits and pieces .what i do remember is me bowing deeply before this awsome buddha statue ryan had and seeing a rianbow like halo above his head, behind the buddha was a background of constantly changing greenn patterns that reminded me of wolfenstien 3d (the walls man ,the walls) then black out agian to me crawling on the floor and ryan telling me to shut up before the cops get called (several months later i remembered the sound ,kind of like a boat with an out board going realfast). he asked me if i wanted to be done and i siad yeah . he gave me a salvia leaf to chew on (plecebo?)and some oj . i calmed down enough to realize my nose felt like it was broken and my shoulder was all fucked up i asked him what happened and he told me when i was bowing i was pushing my nose into the carpet with all my wieght and when he tried rolling me over ,i rolled over on my arm.it took another ten minutes or so to put all this together.when i was done i realized thyat tha 2c-e was starting to kick in. like the idiot that i iam i dicided to hit the pipe one more time (it was still about half full) so i got a good hit of kb with maybe a 1/4 hit of the other wich tuned out to be pretty cool .it made me peak instantly and kept going .
all the sudden a little ball of friendly gack (you remember,thet stuff that came out in the mid 90's kind of like slime and playdo )poped up by my right shoulder and started making all these crazy tight knots that were constantly changing and yet never becoming disconnected (think t-1000 from terminator 2 but about 5-6in around, green and fun to hang out with)
me and gacky were chillin outside when i thought that ryan and gabe should meet my knew friend so i run inside and piont to gacky and say "dude check this thing out"pointing to it .gabe then stumbles a few steps points at me and says "hey ...hey...are you...tripfping "me and ryan start cracking up. gabe starts thinking and says "did you guys... give me sumthin"this starts a whole new round of laughter from ryan and i.we then explian that we all drank mojitos llaced with 2c-i and thats why he feels really fucked up.thats pretty much it the rest of the night was pretty much run of the mill.colorful patterns half spoken conversations and music,all in all a good fuckin time.

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