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Mmmmmm Boomerz

On New Years Eve 2005-2006 in Maine a few friends and I were chillin' smokin bud u know the usual.

On New Years Eve 2005-2006 in Maine a few friends and I were chillin' smokin bud u know the usual. Then our weed-dealer picked us up and said he had boomers. I have tripped 4 or 5 times before this so I was all excited. I bought an eighth for $40 and went home later on that night. I got home and partied with a shit-load of girls, weed, and alcohol. Right after the ball dropped and the girls left I said, "TIME 2 PARTY." I cut em up in to rice-sized pieces, salted them up, and threw em all in my mouth. I was pissed because a half hr. later I wasn't even feelin' it yet so I went to bed a very pissed man. I laid in bed another 15 minutes before I got up to grab sumthin' 2 eat. As soon as I stood up I felt like superman. I flew up the stairs and towards the bathroom to look at myself. I looked in the mirror and I looked like a big-ass fly! My whole pupil was one big black dot! I remember sitting in front of the mirror poking myself in the eye for 10 minutes. I went back downstairs to enjoy my now-great trip. I turned on some Pantera kicked back and smoked a Doobie. When I was done I was off the walls. All my walls were puffing in and out like they were breathing, it was crazy! My whole room looked like a big tye-dyed shirt breathing. I felt retarted. A lil' bit lata' a few girls call me looking 4 alcohol and I don't remember this but they said I couldn't talk, it sounded like I was drooling, and I kept poking myself in the eye saying; "look at me! Pokey-pokey-pokey poke!! Around my 4th hr of the trip I turned the tv on and Lil Wayne's video "Fireman" was on and I remember Lil Wayne kept turning into a big black ghostly monster because of his black skin, clothes, dreads, and sunglasses. For the rest of the night I was occupieing myself by sitting in my bed laughing at myself listening to Pantera over and over and over. Finally at 6:00AM I went to sleep. The next day I woke at 1:00PM feeling like a new man with the unfightable craving for acid. This was my 5th time trippin' on sherm and it was my best trip ever. I don't know why I keep craving for acid but I think it's because if shrooms did me that good than acid is supposed to be something like 100 times as strong or sumshit. Well I got one word of wisdom for shrooms, never eat more than a 1/4. SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY!! KO Representin'

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