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Misty Night

it was the first and only time i've tripped; I plan to go again at a higher dosage.

it was the first and only time i've tripped; I plan to go again at a higher dosage.

i'm a freshman at Reed college in Portland oregon and there were 5 of my friends (3 guys, 2 girls) and then also 3 other guys tripping with us. It was a beautiful night; cold but not painful, the air was thick with diaphanous white mist, and there were tons of plants and trees all around, bending over us with loving protection.

we ate the shrooms in my dorm, in the common room, i was just finishing them & washing them down wiht some water when my "dorm dad" who's straight edge walked in... but he didn't comment.

so then we ran out into the night, bundled and ready to play. after a while everything appeared very distinct and clear - the trees were looming above us, like spirits and we went inside Eliot Hall. the hallway was long and linear - very beautiful to me. we rolled around on the floor and stopped outside the elevator - i melted to the ground and had some talk with people. later the trees started bending over - twisting from one side to the other like i was looking at the world as if it was inside a crystal ball and everything was distorted.

then i noticed the street lights were the colors of the spectrum - i don't know if they're like that normally or not, but a guy i was with said he saw that too.

I had face paint on, and my hair was up in little braids. one friend of mine thought i had snakes on my face and it kept him from proving his point.

then we all went back to the dorm and laid around on couches for another hour and a half, talking and lying on the floor. the building was built in 1920 and i could sense the people who had inhabited it for all those years. i drew on the chalkboard, curving lines that were extremely satisfying to get out.

we were coming down and i went up and fell asleep as it was getting dawn.

it was so great; so much fun.

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