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I'm a fairly experienced marijuana and alcohol user, but i was getting a bit tired of the same old thing weekend after weekend; hence i decided to graduate to shrooms.

I'm a fairly experienced marijuana and alcohol user, but i was getting a bit tired of the same old thing weekend after weekend; hence i decided to graduate to shrooms. It just happened that a batch of lab-grown blue halos (p. cyanescens) were in town this past weekend, so me and two of my good friends decided to dose up on friday.
We split a quarter between us around 6:20 or so and then went outside to smoke a cigarette. Afterwards we came back in and played some Worms: Armageddon while waiting for the shrooms to kick in, expecting half an hour to an hour before we felt anything. After abt 5 minutes I announced that i felt hot and the other two agreed, not knowing quite what to expect. Another 5 minutes past and as we were playing the game, things started to happen. One guy jumped his worm onto a barrel and giggled briefly, and this set off a 10 minute laughing fit that left us all quite giddy and eager for a good time. Shortly thereafter i made the observation that a pile of clothes in the corner of my dorm room was 'breathing', and the other two noticed similar effects from various objects around the room.
Our visuals started coming fast and hard, with everything in the room holding the possibility of movement and pleasure. The blinds were particulary good, changing all kinds of colors and making sine waves in our minds. At this point we had put on the Ween cd 'Chocolate and Cheese' for good trip tunes, and it was contributing to the mood pretty hard...i found myself immersed in the carpet as it took on a layered appearance, each layer being a different revolving geometric pattern. The door began to move heavily too, melting over the doorframe, contracting and expanding as it turned from green and yellow and back again. By this time we had all slipped into the trip and were enjoying the effects quite nicely. By the way, it was only abt 6:45 at this point, and we all commented on how wonderful it was to know that we would continue to skyrocket for at least another hour. With that, the trip had begun. Sometime later we decided to venture out of doors and smoke a cigarette, and we met some of our sober friends outside to chat with. One cigarette quickly became 4 or 5 and we decided to walk for a bit to experience nature.
The branches on the trees seemed to be weaving in and out of each other, and the brick pathway was shifting and moving underneath our feet, a great sensation. The whole time walking i had a continuous beat in my head that made me feel loose and lithe underneath my jacket; it was awesome. My arms felt like they were dragging the ground and when i put my hands my pockets they seemed to stretch forever; i spent a while exploring these 'caverns' before we returned back in to listen to some grateful dead and such.
Around 8 we decided to eat some more and split an eighth between the three of us, bringing our total consumption to 4 grams apiece (we didn't know at the time that blue halos were supposedly the most potent shrooms, and anyway we were losing some visuals). Another round of high intensity visuals came through, as my friends faces took on animal like characteristics and the door starting moving again. I returned my attention to the carpet and became immersed in it, seeing an army that i likened to hitler's soldiers marching across my room. The carpet then turned to lava, and we were floating on a sea of it for abt 30 minutes. After that we went to smoke another cigarette and ended up going on a walk on campus.
We came to a bridge that looked down on the street below and connected the 'natury' part of campus to the classroom buildings and dorms and stuff, and we decided that we were crossing the continuum from prehistoric times to modern times, with the bridge being like a time travel machine. We decided that we weren't ready to experience 'the metropolis' of the dorms and buildings so we walked to a graveyard and watched the tombstones dance around and the letters on them mix and match themselves, all the while thinking how much we loved the experience so far.
After the graveyard the intensity of the trip died down and we walked to the capitol building (i live in columbia, sc) and sat at the top of the stairs looking at the statues wave. I was looking at buildings near the capitol and figured out that the visuals weren't all gone yet; the concrete structures were fracturing and putting themselves back together again as i watched.
Soon we got cold and went back to the dorm, where we listened to some Aphex Twin and Jimi Hendrix before deciding that we were ok to drive to get some beer. We bought some 40's of king cobra but couldn't drink them once we got back to the dorm, so we all just went to sleep around 2 am. All in all, it was a very gratifying trip, and i'm doing it again this weekend with my girlfriend, which should bring alot of new feelings and sights into the experience. I definitely recommend to anyone that they try shrooms if they're looking for a highly introspective experience that will blow your mind.

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