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Mighty Bop #1

A nice long report for ya: Ok, while I was in my sophomore year at college, I lived in this little 3rd floor efficiency apartment off campus.

A nice long report for ya:

Ok, while I was in my sophomore year at college, I lived in this little 3rd floor efficiency apartment off campus. It was pretty cool. It was my own little place to do whatever I wanted. After having smoked weed and drank alcohol in there already, my friend Sean and I thought it would be a good time to shroomerize the apartment. We had both tripped already before off LSD so tripping was nothing new to us. But, as you know, shroom trips can be very different. So it all started when he came over around 8:30pm one Saturday night, September 7th, 1996.....

He had brought his backpack with him so I could help him with some home work, but it seems we never got around to it. So Sean busts out the shrooms onto my table. We ate mostly stems, which looked and tasted like some twigs off the ground. Well, it seemed to come on pretty fast for me, I'd say about 10 minutes or so, maybe because I was so anxious. But as soon as I felt it, I got down to business- I turned off the white light and turned on the black light.....

I sat down in my black computer chair and put in a CD I was really into back then- Infinity Project [Mystical Experiences {really psychedelic}]. Oh it was just great. While this was playing, Sean and I just talked about a lot of stuff which I really can't remember. The music, the black light, and this nice trip unfolding was turning out to be a really good time in our own little world here in my apartment. After awhile I turned on the lights, turned off the black light, and I think I suggested we go see what was in store for us outside. Sean, being his paranoid self, said no and all that hub-bub. Then I looked at my bed which Sean was sitting on, and the dimensions of it were real distorted. Or rather, the dimensions were always the same, but my mind couldn't recognize them. It was making the mattress (which was only a boxspring and a twin bed on the floor) look really tall even though I knew it was only about 1.5 feet tall. This blew my mind and I could not comprehend it. But it was awesome. Of course, this is just one of the things only the observer remembers, being much too hard to explain. Then we both went out onto my balcony, which was literally about 1.5 feet wide. It was at this time, we began "seeing". One thing that really looked neat was the palm tree on the other side of the pool. There was a slight breeze in the air and as it went over the big branches, all the little jaggedy edges would ripple in slow-motion, very surreal. It was awesome. Then after awhile we went back in. Well, at this time, I felt like I needed to pee, so I went to the bathroom and what do ya know? It worked!

Sean: Man!!!

Me: What's wrong?

But he didn't answer. Then after awhile he said he needed to pee too. When he was done, I finally persuaded him to go outside.....

The front doors to each apartment in the complex were inside halls, like a dorm. When we got in the hall, it definitely looked weird. So we went out the hall door, down the steps and out through the security gate. I remarked to Sean that the gate was being held to the fence by electromagnetic forces, and no matter how hard you pulled, it wouldn't open. Fascinated with this, he wanted to stay there for hours and try to figure it out. Anyways, no time for that. Up some more stairs (which was also very strange) led us to the road. So we began walking. Soon Sean felt he needed to ask a question.

Sean: Why do you walk everywhere?

Me: Because I don't have a car.

Like he didn't remember. But he couldn't. Not in the state he was in. Then I went off about how many cars I've had and that I was kind of proud of that, but then I wondered **Is that actually something to be proud of?** Pretty soon, Sean started getting scared of all the cars that were going by and such. He started to straggle behind.

Sean: Come on let's go back.

Well, we turned around and got on the other side of the street. Sean thought we were gonna get beat up or something because of all the people walking down the street and driving by in cars. He was just trippin' as the saying goes. Sean wanted to call our other friend Marcus. I remember talking to him about this, but it seems he started getting really confused and didn't know what to do, or forgot what to do, looking to me for help. So I told him to just pretend like he was calling someone so it didn't look like we were standing outside of this closed bicycle store for no reason. Like anybody cared....

Me: Let's hang out here.

But Sean wanted to go back, so off we went. Back at the apartment, we came in the back, went through the courtyard and through another electro-gate that was at the front. We sat down on a little concrete wall. All throughout this trip, I had my cigarettes, my faithful companions, and I began to smoke one. As we began talking about the Doors, we started to hear an argument at the front of this sorority on the other side and diagonal to where we were. We began looking, or "seeing" them. We began to wonder how these people would react if we were to get up, walk over there, and just stand right next to them and watch them. What would they do? We began thinking of the possibilities. Well, after some deep thinking on such a complex subject, we decided to go back inside. Through yet another side electro-gate and up some stairs to the third floor. It felt like I could walk up stairs non-stop. I stopped at the top to finish off my cancer stick.....

When I went in, I saw that Sean was at the other end of the hall. I began to run towards him really fast. Seeing the walls fly by me was awesome! After getting into my apartment, Sean proceeded to call Marcus. After some discussion, we decided to go downtown when he got there. But Marcus started to say I might try and embarass him. Let the headgames begin! **Why didn't Sean say I would embarass him? Maybe Marcus will start saying now the reason he never wants to go downtown is because I might embarass him.** (In retrospect, I think he thought this way because I "embarassed" him somehow in front of a girl he liked during high school.) I just decided he was too scared. Well, we finally decided to go downtown if I promised not to embarass Marcus. I said OK and he said he would be over soon. Sean and I chilled for awhile waiting for Marcus' arrival. Then, someone knocked on the door. I knew it had to be him, so I got up and looked through the peephole, but he had it covered up. I told him I had to win the battle (waiting until he removed his finger.) but I eventually lost because Sean said to just let him in. After 5 minutes, it was time to go.

Me: Let's go!

Sean and Marcus: Where?

Me: Downtown!

Well, then they started acting like they never wanted to go in the first place. Jesus.....Well, after accepting the fact we weren't going, we just kicked back and relaxed. It was only about 10 minutes before we heard a car alarm going off.

Marcus: I'm getting towed!

But we weren't really sure until Marcus got up and looked through the shades.

Marcus: I'm getting towed.

Only half believing him, I got up and looked for myself. He really was getting towed! He had parked like right in from of the apartments in a no parking zone.

Me: What are you doing?? Get up!!

But he just sat there like an idiot - literally. He was too scared to do anything about it. (Marcus was not *on* anything either.) Sean and I just kept asking him what the hell he was doing just sitting there not even trying to stop the guy. He decided he would just sit in my apartment. But I wouldn't let him get off that easy. I made him get out of my apartment while we went down to try and talk to the tow-truck guy. In the hall, Marcus went left and Sean and I went right to the stairs. We got out there and I explained that this was my friends car. He was a pretty nice redneck though. He informed us that it would be $25 now or $90 at the yard. I said I would go find Marcus. Finding Marcus in one of the halls, I told him about the money situation. I also asked him why he parked there, and this is what he said:

Marcus: I thought we were going downtown.

It seems he thought we were really going there so he parked right in front, but getting to my apartment, he changed his mind, but seemed to forget where he parked. Anways, he didn't have the money so it was pointless anyways. Not a valid excuse in my book. He turned around and ran off down the halls so I went back and told the tower he didn't have any money. The guy said we could go to an ATM to get some money. So I told Sean:

Me: You go and drive it back.

But get this, he said he didn't know how to drive Marcus' car. (Even though it was an automatic AND he had driven it before.) He was just too scared and paranoid, that's all. So I decided to find Marcus again, to no avail. Coming back, I heard the tower say "Where the fuck is he??", in a mean kind of tone. I got a little scared because I thought he was talking about me because I was taking so long. When I got closer though, Sean told me someone was shooting a BB gun at them! Most likely the tower. I said "What??" and the tower says "Yeah!!" So I kinda say something out loud in the direction of the BB gunner so they would stop or whatever, and I guess they did. Well, I told him I couldn't find my friend and asked him how many people could fit in his truck. He said two so we both got in. Kinda jokingly, I say, "I guess they don't like towers." But the guy never said anything. We took off down the street and I was sweatin' to the oldies like Richard Simmons, but I didn't mind and I think I actually liked it. Nevertheless I was just about to tell Sean to roll down his window, but he must have read my mind because he was rolling it down already. Going down the street the car alarm kept going on and off repeatedly so Sean would keep turning it off with the remote. Driving down the road, I saw Marcus walking and so I blurted out "There he is!" But then I said "No, it's not." It really was him but I contemplated what it would be like if we stopped and he had to explain that he didn't have any money and why the hell was he walking down the street AWAY from his car? I decided it would be just too much to handle while trippin'. So we finally got to this 7-11 where a lot of people were. The tower remarked on some girl I had apparently not seen. "Perky little thing!" he called her. Sean said she had tripped on the sidewalk. We got out and while we were walking towards the entrance, we started discussing the fact that someone was gonna have to drive this car tripping! I guess he assumed it was gonna be him. I waited outside and wondered if anyone would be able to know I was tripping. I decided they really couldn't. Some white guy with a huge white afro walked out of the store to the payphones, then into this big, cheap car. It looked pretty weird. I looked for Sean, but he hadn't come out yet. I looked at the tower, who was just waiting by his truck. I thought "Maybe I'm supposed to be over there talking to him or something?" Ya know, after all we've been through? But then I thought "Na!!" Then Sean came out and said he needed one dollar, which I had actually had, which was amazing. I gave it to him and told him his pupils were still big. I was smoking a cigarette and deciding that it would not be a good idea to blow up the gas station, so I kinda walked to the side a little ways while Sean paid the tower. I walked to the side of the tow-truck and finished my cigarette as people kept walking by. When it looked like he was finished,

Me: All done?

Tower: Yeah, ya'll don't park in the front again.

But he said it in a nice way. So we got in and Sean took off. It seemed like he was going really fast turning left and right around corners. It felt like we were in a tiny race car or something. I told Sean to slow down. I was getting a little scared. We got to the parking lot of my apartments and Marcus was there waiting for us. We told him about the girl we saw and he asked how much he owed Sean. We stood around for a couple of minutes throwing around these little bamboo sticks. I think I got a little paranoid picturing us out there underneath a streetlight so I started to say something like "Three guys, out here, throwing around some bamboo doesn't look good." or something to that effect. So then Sean and Marcus start walking towards the apartments. Not so fast.

Me: What are you going?

Marcus & Sean: What do you mean?

Me: Aren't we going downtown?

Sean: (after about a minute) Oh I need my hat.

Headgames, headgames, spinning around, look at these headgames and see what we found. Well, after deciding they just wouldn't admit they didn't want to go, we all went up the stairs and Marcus remarked how that tower probably made up that $25 bit himself just so he could keep the money. So we got into my apartment and chilled. I turned on the old blacklight. I put on this CD I had called ESP 2: The Trance Groove (damn I wish I had that CD, but I sold it). Marcus and Sean were mainly into rap. I still liked rap, but not as much as electronica. So at the end of this one song called Muzik, Marcus remarked how this one sound in there was so annoying. I loved it when he said that because at least he acknowleged my music. As I was sitting on my couch, I had this plastic rod that was about the length of a ruler and it had water in it and things that moved around and glowed. Anyways, I had this hole in my jeans, and because of the blacklight, the hole looked pitch black. It looked like I could push it right through, and I tried to make an optical illusion of it for Sean and Marcus, but it didn't work. Then I noticed Marcus was saying that tripping doesn't "work" and there was no way I was gonna push that glowstick through my leg and such. Then we all proceeded to have a deep conversation about girls and why none of us ever goes up and talks to them and whatnot. We decided we were just too shy or whatever. Later on, as Sean was staring intensely at a can of store-brand Dr. Pepper, he says, "What am I doing to my brain?" To which I responded "Exactly." Then he says "What?? Am I a student of Leary now?" (I had been studying all about Timothy Leary after I took acid for the first time earlier in the year.) I didn't mean it in the way he was thinking, I meant that that's what I was thinking about too. Well, after awhile, Marcus said he was gonna go, and asked Sean if he wanted a ride home. For some reason Sean had forgot that we had planned out this whole night and he was staying at my place so we could still trip together. So we pulled the bed out of the wall and moved the twin bed into the kitchen and we went to sleep.

That's basically how the trip went. It was pretty fun, except when Marcus and Sean joined forces to play "Headgames R Us" I have more headgame trip stories to report, so keep a look out. Thanks for taking the time to read my report.

The End

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