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Middle Earth

When this trip took place I was fairly new to cubensis.

When this trip took place I was fairly new to cubensis. Me
and a pal had bought some shroomies and decided to go really
high (approx 3.5g each).
We made some strong tea with a LOT of sugar in it and let it
cool off a bit. So that we could down the whole cup at once
(cubensis might be a nice trip, but it tastes like sh*t).
When our cups were set and the grinded shrooms had been
stirred (not shaken *hehe*) into the tea we grinned at each
other and downed the lot in one big gulp.
Usually, as I had only taken the shrooms as they were (dry
and horrible), the effects doesn't show up until after an
hour or so. This time, however, it took only 10 or 15
minutes for the trip to take off.
And what a takeoff. :)
20 minutes after we had had the tea we were lying on the
floor, laughing our butts off. It was amazing.
But, as the trip progressed, we felt that the time had come
to go visit the almighty forest and all the critters
therein. We got some clothes on (easier said than done) and
got on our way.
We had no idea whatsoever where we were going, but we also
knew that we'd know when we got there (did that make sense?)
and so we shuffeled around.
After what felt like 10 hours (but was more like 1 or maybe
2) everything around me was morphing. Colors were floating
around everywhere and everything that's usually solid had
turned liquid. I had such a grand time. :)
Every now and then we sat down to enjoy our hallucinations.
Eventually we ended up in a playground made up of giant
fruits. It was hillarious. A huge banana was just sitting
there, all yellow. There was a melon there, cherries and
an orange.
Too much.
After a fit of laughter we reached a lake and it felt more
and more 'right'. We were getting close.
As I wandered along the water edge (oohing and aahing over
small details) I suddenly felt like a character out of The
Lord Of The Rings (Tolkien). The thought hit me with such
force that I more or less expected to see a hobbit come
walking among the trees with hairy feet and a long stemmed
pipe in the corner of his mouth.
Amazing feeling.
I presented this to my friend who just looked at me with big
round eyes and said; YES!
We grinned and continued along the water.
After a while we started to hear a soft noise in the
distance ahead. It steadily grew louder until we realised we
had found a little brook that slooshed down to the lake. A
feeling of homecoming settled on us and we knew we had
reached the spot. This was the place we had been walking
towards all the time, without knowing it. :)
We settled in on the ground right by the streaming water
and looked around. There was a lake ahead, a stream beside
us and over our heads the leaves spread out making the air
By now the trip had deepened and as we fumbled for a
cigarette I realised what a potent tool the shrooms are
for mind exploration.
I lay on my back, watched the canopy above me and let my
mind wander.
From now on the trip is more or less undescribable. My
chain of thought suddenly contained twice as many links
as it usually does and it moved faster than I had ever
experienced. Long lost memories came streaming back. Some
sad, some nice. For weeks after I pondered what went
through my head that day. Interesting, to say the least.
Needless to say we explored the area. Tried to find out were
the water came from, it was very harmonious. All the while
we still were in Middle Earth.
I wish I could describe the last two or three hours of the
trip, but I just can't find the words for it. Amazing just
don't make justice to the experience.
Oh, well... I'll try again some other time. :)

Take care

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