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Mid life Trip

Well maybe not quite mid life, I'm just in my 30's, but it's been some time since my fiance and I have taken mushrooms.

Well maybe not quite mid life, I'm just in my 30's, but it's
been some time since my fiance and I have taken
mushrooms. Both of us have only taken them twice
before reaching maybe a level 2. Recently we decided
to try again and read up on growing our own.

We harvested our first batch of PR's and took some
dried and a few fresh on the 4th of July, about 3.5
grams a piece, at 6:15 pm.

By 6:35 it was already hitting me, VERY HARD. My
partner "James" was about 15 minutes behind me all
night and it never got quite as strong for him.

We were sitting watching Night of the living Dead, even
though I've read several times here horror isn't the best
to watch but I love horror and thought I could handle it.
WRONG! First I just had a strong body buzz but then the
images on TV seemed very intense. I felt kind of sick
like when you lay down after drinking too much and the
world spins, everything just was moving too fast. I
figured I better get and leave that scary living room.

Stepping outside and getting some air felt great! James
shows up. Is he feeling anything yet? No. That makes
me feel nervous like I'm entering this scary world all
alone. I sit in a lawn chair and one of my dogs
approach me. Woah! she looks weird, like a mongrel
dog with matted fur and she looks old. I shew her away
and the laughter kicks in as I try to describe mongrel
dog to James. My laughter sounds weird, high pich like
I sucked helium. It freaks me a bit because I feel like it's
not MY laughter.

James switches the DVD to the Simpsons, cool I can
handel that. I venture back in, my living room looks
weird, like a card board box and there's a haze all over
inside. James gets the giggles but I'm getting just as
scared watching the Simpsons. Everyone is running
around the screen and I can't understand a word they
say. I try to ask James if the characters are saying
words or just grunting but I start that scary high pitch
laughing again and my eye's are watering like crazy. I'm
a bit afraid I took too much shrooms. I go back outside.

Ahh, much better, I can enjoy the visuals more, I'm not
so scared. It feels like a rollercoaster where it kicks in
hard and it gets intense then settles where I can enjoy it
a bit before it becomes intense again.

I sit in the chair again and stare at the grass which
keeps growing and swaying before my eyes. It doesn't
even look like my yard which try to tell James but
interupted by the scary mongrel dog. The sky seems
like a ceiling, solid like in the Truman movie which gets
us both laughing.

By 8:30 it was getting dark and people were setting off
fireworks which scared mongrel more than her weird
owners. Inside the dim light made my skin look
translucent, I could see all my veins and James looked
white and fuzzy like he was covered with mycelium.
Patterns formed on the ceiling and walls that looked
like veins spreading then retracting. Instead of colors
looking more vibrant everything looked washed out and
pale, very weird. We went out front to look at fireworks
which made great trails. Our neighbors were out setting
off fountains and we were very paranoid they'd try to
speak to us. After walking around briefly we went back

Inside I thought we could try the Living Dead again (do I
ever learn?) As we watched I glanced at James and
noticed his cheek bones kept getting larger than
smaller. This made him laugh which made his whole
head get HUGE then very thin, back and forth til I
couldn't look anymore because it freaked me a bit to
see his face that way. We turned off the movie.

James wanted to watch Yellow Submarine. What a
FREAKY movie! I saw it as a kid but had no clue what a
drug flick it was. James was really getting into it but it
was making me feel confused and for some reason a
little down so I stepped outside for a bit. I was feeling a
bit low because it was all coming to an end, just when I
was getting comforable with it.

As we came down we found fun in little things like
imense trails with glow sticks, great wet juicy melon
fruit and watching Stomp which I highly recommend.

I think next time I'll have a better grip on how it feels so I
can enjoy the more intense times. I think the bit of fear
of the unkown kept me from getting into the visuals
more. But great fun anyway!! Can't wait to try again in
another month.

Happy Fourth!

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