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microdot and mush

alright, The weekend started with me and two other friends going out to his cabin for a weekend.

alright, The weekend started with me and two other friends going out to his cabin for a weekend. We did not have a key and were forced to break in. We had rented the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We finally got settled in and dropped the microdot(LSD). This was only my second time doing acid let along microdot and mushrooms. We sat down and got right into the movie. I had no idea what the hell was going on, I couldnt tell if I was in the movie or watching it. I thought the movie was so trippy. I didnt really like it as a movie but I remember I was so fucked none of us said a word not even one word throughout the whole movie. After the movie we decided to go to this pool hall across the road. Still tripping I may add we strutted in and we found ourselves ringing this bell demanding service. This guy started to walk towards us and without hesitation we all just booked it out of there. We were laughing so hard, and none of knew what to say. Then we went to get high on top of the roof of some school. We were so paranoid and we all swoar we could hear sirens coming to get us. Then I was like look theres a cop lets get the fuck out of here. We all got up and started to run. It was some fat bitch dressed as a patrol. Little did we know we kept running my friend and i jumped down but my fatter friends skin got caught on some poll leaving him bleeding everywhere. finally we got home and took some more and just chilled. My voice kept cracking or something and i was talking all fucked. It was also raining out and i kept think that there was this huge fucking tornado coming. But the great part is that this is a part of tripping.
In conclusion if there is one thing in life worth doing its tripping its not only fun but mind expanding.

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