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Mickey Saves the Day

It was July 10, my birthday.

It was July 10, my birthday. A friend and I ate what we thought was about 1/8 oz each but later found out it was a 1/4. Anyways. The room began to breath and the carpet began to ripple so we decided to walk around our campus to enjoy the summer day. Unfortunately it was the weekend of a giant arts festival and people were everywhere. We went to this giant lawn to lay down and enjoy nature, but I just begin to feel sick. I tried to close my eyes to make the feeling pass, but I just kept seeing 3-D computer generated images of faceless people all making the motions of vomiting. I go to ask my friend for the keys to his apartment, but realize that I had melted into the grass. I began to get all distraught but managed to compose myself and made it back to his apartment. Upon arriving there I went straight to the toilet and tried to vomit. Unfortunately it didn't work, so the feeling of sickness continued. I thought that I may have overdosed and was going to die on my birthday. I contemplated checking myself into a hospital in order to get a shot of Thorazine, but decided that it wasn't a good idea. So I just laid in the fetal position on his bathroom floor. Then I heard a voice say to me "Hello B...." I started to freak out and looked around. Mickey Mouse on his trashcan was talking to me. In his patented voice I heard "Everything will be just fine" From there out the trip wa awesome.

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