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mexicans, cocoa beach & Dr.bob

my first trip on shrooms was honestly one of the greatest and most memorable daze of my life.

my first trip on shrooms was honestly one of the greatest and most memorable daze of my life. my friend came to visit me after i moved, and broght a bottle full of "dr.bob" which was a generic type of dr.pepper mixed with (from what i understand) 100 caps of boiled/strained psilocybe and amanita mushrooms. it was a two liter bottle full of brown liquid and smelled almost sour. i'll never forget the taste of it though. he said its fun to do at the beach, so we drove to cocoa beach. what he didnt tell me was that its not really ideal to do it around a ton of people. i had started to feel the effects of it within 15 minutes. i had drank 1 (red/plastic) cup and 1/2 and my stomach was starting to hurt and the smell (and taste) was making me almost sick. when i talked my voice was sounding far away. we werent really prepared for the beach (sunblock, towels)so when we got down to the waters edge we just plopped down in the sand. i layed face down to shelter myself from the sun. the sand was a rainbow of colors and magnified 5 times its origional size-- and was liquid! it was so gorgeous.i rolled over and looked at the sky, and everything slowed down. compleate with sound effects. the sound was like a techno breakdown where the beat just slows down a little at a time. everything slowed and the noisy sound of the beach got quite and i could only hear the wind blowing and echoes of voices. and in the sky i saw matrix-y (so cliche, i know!) squares.

meanwhile... my friend was in the water, and i was baking- my mind was definitely - on the beach. i had a sudden urge to rush into the water. i took off my glasses and was heading towards the water, when i had a strange feeling that if i didnt take my glasses i would never find my way back out of the water (because there were so many people, and i'm like blind w/out my glasses) so i took my glasses, and slowly made my way out into the ocean. the water was like a living being. you know when rain drops fall on water and the water splashes back up... well the entire ocean looked like that. i know i must have looked crazy to all the people out there because i had a cheshire cat grin on my face, and was very wide-eyed. i felt like everyone was trying to keep their kids away from me like i was going to attack them. it was kind of an upsetting feeling for a moment. after fighting the waves for a little bit, i took my glasses in my hand and dove under the water. it felt so foreign, like i was a baby experiencing water for the first time. i dove under waves, and splashed around like a dolphin for a good 10 minutes. then i saw my friend. i smiled so big and said "i found you!" but it wasnt like i was even looking for him. he was just kinda sitting back and letting me "figure everything out on my own" i then tried to explain to him that everyone was speaking "mexican", and since that was the first time i had tried to speak i didnt realize how difficult it was. my jaw was having like intense muscle spasms. (kinda like if you went ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya and tried to talk at the same time) so i was having trouble communicating. the echoes of voices that i had heard earlier had turned into loud chaos that made no sense at all. i couldnt pick out words, because the voices were running all together. and one really odd thing that stuck out in my mind was that the black people that were on the beach screamed. no jibberish talk, just screaming. it made me think back to earlier about how i heard someone comment on them calling them monkeys. i'm in no way racist or anything, but they just kept screaming and screaming. it kinda weirded me out. i started to get thirsty, and was getting really hot. so i told my friend i wanted to go back to the hotel. so reluctantly (he did not want to drive) we left the beach.

the ride back to the hotel was helacious. there was so much traffic in cocoa bch, and we were still definitely feeling the effects of the shrooms. the ride must have been at least a 15 minute drive. i felt more like 3 times that. i was never so happy to make it back to the hotel. i threw myself on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, and curtains, and the floor. who knew a plain hotel room could be so exciting. the colors and movements were so crazy. it took a long time for me to feel normal. i wish i could feel it again though. it was definitely so worth it. its my new love.

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