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My last trip was sometime in February or March.

My last trip was sometime in February or March... It was a low dose; only 1.5 grams of Gulf Coast cubensis grown on cased whole grain rye. The powder was mixed with a package of Chicken Noodle Cup-A-Soup. Boiling water was added, and the Trip-A-Soup was allowed to steep for about 20 minutes. I spent this time relaxing on my bed, the blacklight on and my glow in the dark stars in full glory. I think I was listening to Blind Melon's first album to help me relax...

-- Interlude --

There's been some debate on whether or not heat is a bad thing. This from Erowid's Sacred Mushroom Vault: "Sub-boiling or lightly boiling water does not noticably reduce the activity of dried Psilocybe cubensis. Many people ingest their mushrooms as tea without needing to increase the quantity used. I know of people who regularly boil their mushrooms for up to 30 mins before drinking the resulting liquid. All fully active. The hotter the water, the better. The water should be at least slightly acidic, but psilocybin is highly water soluable."

As near as I can tell, allowing ground mushrooms to steep in a cup of hot tea or soup diffuses the psiloc(yb)in into the liquid. My past experiences have shown that the more quickley the liquid is consumed, the quicker the onset of the trip and the more powerfull the trip will be. However, the trip will also be shorter, respectively... Me thinks that the faster the psilocin enters the brain, the faster the body will metabolize it. This can of course be avoided by using a MAO inhibitor... But I digress.

-- Back To The Trip --

I drank the soup slowly, over about 20 minutes... By this time the soup was getting cold and a little yucky, so I finished it off. I changed CD's, now putting on "My Kantele" by Amorphis. It's a beautifull 5 song acoustic journey which bailed me out of a scary trip in the past... Amorphis is a metal band from Finland. Their early work was mostly atmospheric death metal, but they've moved to a more psychedelic, 70'ish style of progressive rock with their last two releases - "Elegy", and the previously mentioned "My Kantele". Check 'em out...

As the "My Kantele" EP wound down with a cover of Kingston's Wall "And I Hear You Call...", it was time for "Elegy"... By this time I was coming on. I curled up into the fetal position and shivered under a blanket. I was cold, though quite content... I began to have the usual visual enhancements - everything began to look very sharp and defined. The purple hue cast upon my room by the blacklight was awesome, but I couldn't help but close my eyes.

I also noticed something different this time... I was having what I like to call audials. Not hallucinations, just audiatory enhancements... I liken them to the visuals one has on a trip. In the same way everything begins to look sharp and defined on Levels 1 & 2, music starts to sound 'sharp' and 'bright'. Every note sounds perfect - like that was the way it was meant to be played. But as the album progressed, I was finding that the music was beginning to move beyond the boundaries of how I had heard it many times before. In the same way that walls and houseplants seem to breath and sway, notes were beginning to bend and morph into each other. It was very cool! :)

By the 5th song "My Kantele" (The electric version which inspired the acoustic reprise and subsequent EP by the same name), I was full blown. The song begins with a passage sung by the guitarist in a death metal growl -

Truly they lie, they talk utter nonsense
Fools say that music
Reckon that the Kantele
Was fashioned by a God
Out of a great pike's shoulders
From the water dog's hooked bones
It was made from the grief,
Moulded from sorrow...

My closed eye visuals were taken over by the presense of what I believe to be one of my power animals - Lion. He paced back and forth, 'growling' to me the story of the Kantele... I haven't done a lot of voyaging and have only recently become interested in Shamanism. The first power animal I met on a previous voyage was Snake, my birth totem. During that meeting I realized how Snake is an integral part of who I am... Though I was surprised to meet Lion this time, I realized then how he is a part of me as well...

Something else I noticed - the feeling of the trip seemed to follow the feel of the music I was listening to, but this time it was preceeding it! What I mean is, the feel of the trip would begin to change and THEN the music would start, seemingly becoming the perfect background music! Again... Cool... :) I'm anxious to voyage again... It's been too long.

~ Sponge

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