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Messed up!!

(Note before the story starts:the shrooms arent consumed until later on in the story, so bear wit me)I was 12 years old.

(Note before the story starts:the shrooms arent consumed until later on in the story, so bear wit me)I was 12 years old. 13 now, it was about 5 months ago. I hadn't been on shrooms since I moved out of the city into the hick-like valley. Every 2 weeks they have a teen dance at the community centre.All the big "druggies" usually like to go all fucked up on some sort of drug.Anyways, my cousin(21) and her boyfriend recently moved back from Edmonton. They were drug dealers. I hung out at their house a lot...think I was their favourite cousin or something.Me and some friends were looking for drugs to do before the dance, so i suggested going to my cousins, as she was always a reliable source for drugs. So we went to my cousins,and sure enough, she had some pot to sell(discout for me cuz im related:D) So we hung out there for a bit and got really high. No big deal. Yet. We were offered some Mott's clamato cesars to drink. They were nasty but I wanted to get a good buzz goin.Anyways, my cousin offered us a drive to the dance so we accepted gratefully.Driving down the mountain towards the dance...i was pretty high. I realized my door was unlocked.I pulled the handle to make sure, and the door sprung open..soon after, unfortunately, I fell out into the ditch. My cousin stopped the car and backed up. Then my buddies helped me get into the car. I was okay...a bit shaken with some minor injuries, bruises,scrapes,etc. My cousin said she wouldnt let me go to the dance, because i was kinda fucked up as it was. So she drove my friends to the dance, and brought me back up to her trailer.When we got to the trailer, her boyfriend asked me if I wanted to buy anymore weed. I refused, asking if he had any other drugs for sale.He said he had some shrooms that his buddy grew.Now, as shrooms were not very common around here, and being one of my favourite drugs, I jumped at the opportunity, and used the rest of my money on 5 grams of shrooms. I took half of them, and then decided to save the others for another trip. Then my cousins boyfriend kept calling me a pussy and saying that I won't get nothin for taking such little. So I took the rest.My cousin got mad at me and started goin on about how "little 12 year olds shouldnt be doing drugs" and such. Anyways I decided to help with supper, to help time pass by, so my trip would begin sooner.We waited for the water to boil so we could put the live lobster in the water. When we did put the lobster in, it made a big SHRIEEEK!! After puttin the lobster in the water, I went to sit down wit my cousins boyfriend to smoke a joint with him. The effects of the shrooms were starting to kick in because lights seemed brighter and colours were more vibrant. Within an hour I was on my ass laughing like usual when I went to her house. I started to hallucinate, not the crap that people make up to sound kool like pink aliens and stuff, just brilliant swirls of colour and dots in front of my eyes. I looked down at my shoe, and noticed it was breathing. Now this upset me a lot. And after awhile, I found that I could make my shoe, foot n all disapear instantly. I was very proud of myself for this, and then tried doing it with other stuff. I was upset when I found that I couldnt...except for a particular poster of a car on the wall! Anyways, my cousinc little brother showed up, and he's really fat! It makes me burst out laughing when i saw him.well it turns out that he was really fucked up on sumthin. So we tripped together on the floor. We just lay there laughing at nothing in particular.My cousin was expecting a baby..(actually my mom got a phone call and it turns out that little jordan was born this morning!)Well anyways, she had baby toys on her floor, and me and my fat cousin, mike started a bit of a game by throwing this big chunk of hard plastic back and forth. After awhile it got violent and we started taking turns smashing each other in the head with it. Then finally, my cousin took me home, and my seeing was very messed up. Kinda tinted yellow, like one of those old tvs. Everyone kinda looked like a simpson, or as if you were looking thru a yellow glass window. I was walking the rest of the way to my house from where I got dropped off, and a group of older teens walked by me. I smiled at them and said "shrooms!". They got all angry at me saying "shrooms are poison you little shit!" I just laughed it off and walked the rest of the way home. I know this is explained kinda shitty cuz I'm not good at reliving my stories in words. It was very messed up tho!

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