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messed up

Ok, well i've done shrooms about 5 times now, and the first 4 times i had a very weak trip.

Ok, well i've done shrooms about 5 times now, and the first 4 times i had a very weak trip. I would drop about 2-3 grams, and then things would change and stuff looked weird, but nothing intense. Then i decided to buy 4 grams for myself the weekend of my b-day back in october. I dropped all 4 in about 10 minutes. I thought it was going to be similar to the last trips i had, but instead this one hit me in about 10 minutes. I was hallucinating like crazy, and i was at my friend's house, and he was having a party. I didn't feel comfortable anywhere i went. I was back and forth between the living room and the backyard. It was too hot inside, so i would go outside but all my buddies were smoking weed, and laughing. All the laughing was getting to me because i couldn't concentrate on anything, and kept getting distracted. I finally had enough and had a friend drive me home. When i got home i laid on my bed for about an hour, and then i sat up. Every thing was ok, but there were colors everywhere. Everything in my room started changing shapes, and when i looked in the mirror my face looked like it was changing positions. I was even fucked enough to have a conversation with my WWF Undertaker banner in my room. It's just a big pic of the undertaker, and it seemed like he wouldn't stop looking at me, and it felt like i could read his thoughts. Then i turned off the lights, and started listening to music. I still can't believe how good the music sounded. I was going nuts just lying on my bed listening to the music. The trip lasted for about 7 hours, and was the best trip i've ever had.

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