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mescaline is the best of em

I one night ate 12 inches of san pedro and was pretty tripped out after 1.

I one night ate 12 inches of san pedro and was pretty tripped out after 1.2-1.8 hours(mescaline lasts longer too). All three people ate the same amount of green tissue.
The mesc. was going to last far into the night, so I pulled the typical allnighter as was intended by the others in my 3 person group. We then ate some shrooms.
One person in the 3-person group just got stoned off the cacti but I knew where he was going, the second person thought that it was like 1 hit of really good acid, I on the other hand thought it was increadible, (maybee because I boiled the shaved skins and drank the coare too)= to about 2-2.5 hits of the common blotter acid tabs.
We then ate some shrooms, the first guy ate one eighth, the next guy ate one dime over a period of about four-6 hours,(they were brothers), and I at first, ate tiny pieces over a period of 2 hours. We all tripped our balls off. The first guy slept first and slept in through the next day. The next guy went on an intense hike through the forest paths for hours after haveing slowely eaten a total of 12 inches of san P. greens, and later, a little less than one eighth of shrooms over time. I watched the sun rise and made fire outside my home and sat by it and had the craziest trip I will ever remember, alone.
Mescaline and shrooms are the greatest mix I could imagine. Acid and shrooms is more earthly and typical in the realm of the true hallucinogens, but mesc. and shrooms,........... Holy shit.

Id say the most interesting and complex visuals come from syrian rue and dmt(ayahuasca), that or mescaline and mushrooms. Not that visuals are the most important part of the trip, but they are certainly a clear expression of where your trip is headed.
You dont even have to respect the drugs to see that this is the case. You COULD just have FUN.
Shrooms and rue is next up to bat, but mesc. and shrooms is VERY VERY intense by itself. Add rue and your getting into a strange and unknown territory.
Mescaline is not to be ingested with maois because of its anphetamine composition. But if you mixed the three, and read up alot about maois,(rue), your in for a cheerful surprize. If you dont like insane and massive trips, I wouldnt recommend rue with anything.

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